A First Look at Tom Ford Limited-Edition Lip Color Sheers | Spring/Summer 2014

February 2, 2014

I ordered several items from the new Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2014 collection but haven’t had time to photograph or swatch yet. Some shades are already selling out online, but you can still find colors in stores. There are 8 lip color conditioners and 4 new nail colors (all limited-edition).

I hope to have reviews soon, but in case you can’t wait, I swatched each lip color on my hand at the Neiman Marcus San Francisco Tom Ford counter. According to the Tom Ford reps there, Pink Dune is currently their best seller, they say everyone has been asking for this one (I found it to be my favorite out of the bunch as well).

A sneak peek at the gorgeous Tom Ford counter at Neiman Marcus San Francisco (click to enlarge):

The colors swatched indoors with counter lighting and also outdoors to help you get a sense of how the colors look. For skintone reference I use the Tom Ford foundation sticks in 4 and 5 and am usually a Chanel B30. The color offerings:
Indoor/store lighting at the counter:

Outdoors with flash:

For additional reference, check out Makeup Magpie and Wondegondigo for extra swatches. You can find the Lip Color Conditioners online at Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. Also in store at Tom Ford Beauty counters.

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  • DANG look at firecracker. Stunning much?!

  • Hi Sabrina,

    I love the bright fuchsia of Tom Ford Incorrigible, what a standout shade!

  • Hey Sabrina, thanks for the swatches! I'm really not sure if we'll get the lippies here, but I really hope so because some of them are SO gorgeous! I've love to see the ones you ordered!

  • thanks for the swatches! i'm so excited, I love TF lipsticks *sigh* do you know when they're gonna be available in Europe? xo

  • Joy

    So many pretty colors! Really love Sweet Spot. Thanks for the swatches!

  • I'm not surprised about Pink Dune, it looks so wearable for everyone :). I actually really like Sweet Spot too! They look amazing in pigment and finish, I really want to try one! ^^

  • So gorgeous!! Firecracker, Sweet Spot and Paradiso really stand out and look perfect for spring/summer.

  • Both the packages and the shades are to die for. Pink dune and Sweet Spot are my favorite. Can't wait to try them out!

  • Asia C.

    I ordered sweet spot and paradiso and love them. I'm going to order pink dune and maybe incorrigible. But these are AMAZING and (so are your swatches). xo

  • Hell yes, Pink Dune looks amazing.

  • Heck yes, Pink Dune looks amazing. Price point is a bit high, even for me a beauty junkie.

  • Anonymous

    thank you great pics love you your blog

  • Anonymous

    Sabrina! You have the best swatches!!! Bravo!! Can not wait to read your review on your picks, I got 4 lipsticks – Paradiso, In the Buff, Summer fling, Pink Dune . One lipstick back up for In the Buff. And 3 nail colors. Very happy with my choices

  • Beautiful photos, Sabrina! The San Francisco counter is amazing! I had been very curious about Pink Dune and was so happy to see your swatch! Can't wait to see reviews of your picks from the spring collection. πŸ™‚ I went home with only Sweet Spot, although I like the look of Paradiso as well.

  • I purchased Paradiso and Summer Fling. Paradiso is a ripe, tropical flower type of color that adds a pop of luscious color. Summer Fling is classic Tom Ford. It's a light golden pink coral reminiscent of his color story from last summer. It should be noted that Summer Fling contains a bit of gold micro-glitter and when it wears off, it does leave some tiny gold sparkles behind. That's not a deal breaker for me, but for those of you who dislike glitter no matter how fine, that's something to take into consideration. In any event, both Paradiso and Summer Fling make my lips look smoother and fuller and are quite comfortable to wear thanks to the conditioners. The formula is also sturdy enough that you can put a bit of gloss on top if you want more shine. For example, a bit of Chanel's Murmure is gorgeous on Summer Fling.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina,
    I've read some reviews that says Incorrigible has micro shimmer as well. So, between Paradiso & Incorrigible, which one is the most "shimmery"?
    Shimmery lipstick usually dried out my lips πŸ™


    • Hi Ade.

      Incorrigible is loaded with micro-shimmer the same as Summer Fling. It's a gorgeous color, but if you can't tolerate glitter bits–no matter how fine–than Incorrigible isn't for you. Both of those leave visible glitter on the lips as the color wears off. Paradiso is not really a shimmer shade. It's more of a cream sheen so you should be able to wear one. If you follow Sabrina's link to Makeup Magpie, you can enlarge the picture of the lipstick bullets and easily see which shades contain glitter. The lighting is a bit off so I'd use Sabrina's pictures for truer representations of color, but Magpie's bullet lineup will be very helpful to those of you who have problems with glitter. Both ladies have some great shots.

      For reference, I purchased Paradisio and Summer Fling and love both. I gave Incorrigible a miss after trying it only because it was too intense on me.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your reply Eileen, I think I've made up my mind and want to order Paradiso online (there's no Tom Ford Beauty counter nearby).

  • Fantastic swatches, thank you for posting them so quickly! I feel better now that I see your swatches because I ordered 6 of them!! Pink Dune reminds me of the Mac Marquise D that I love, I hope it's a similar shade with a better formula. Can't wait!!

  • Incorrigle and Paridiso were easy and immediate puchases. Pink dune disappeared on me. I like a little color for spring. Thanks for the terrific pics Sabrina!

  • gorgeous!!!tom ford is luxorius


  • Anonymous

    Your swatches are the best and the counter looks so glam.I only saw the TF counter in Berlin and London but this one must be a pleasure to visit!
    Greetings in Germany