Guerlain Stardust #862 Nail Lacquer | Spring 2014

January 2, 2014

Guerlain’s release for spring is called the Météorites Blossom Collection. It’s full of pinks and pastels along with some reformulated météorites pearls. I spotted the collection at a few counters in Beverly Hills last weekend. The two items that caught my eye were the Stardust Nail Lacquer and Lipgloss. After a few swipes of the nail polish on my finger, I decided to purchase the Stardust #862 Nail Lacquer ($25 for 10 ml/.33 fl oz).
Stardust #862 is an iridescent sheer pearl that flashes blue. It covers the nail with three coats with a transparent finish, but the base seems to be milky enough to be more than just a top-coat like YSL’s Premiere Neige (from 2012ish, now discontinued). I tried this as a regular nail polish and also over other colors as a finishing top coat. It applied well over light to medium shades of blue, pink and beige adding a subtle sheen and shimmer. On darker shades the base was too contrasted and ended up looking a bit messy with a coat of the Stardust. I’m still not sure how to wear this one. It works for me as a sheer nail polish. I wish it had more coverage and pigment.

Here it is swatched with three coats:

Comparison swatches below to Dior’s Spring Pampille, YSL Premiere Neige, Deborah Lippmann Moon Rendezvous (review here), and NARS Disco Inferno (review here).

Guerlain Stardust is a lovely sparkling pearly shade. I love that you can layer it for coverage and that the sparkle is visible. I still wish it were a bit more pigmented although perhaps it was designed to be more of a top coat rather than regular nail polish. It’s a pretty fresh light color for spring, but as pretty as it is, I’m still left craving something with more color.
Stardust #862 should be at all Guerlain counters now. I found mine at Nordstrom. Did you check out Guerlain spring yet? What did you think?

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  • Kristina

    Great post! I have Dior Pampille and Guerlain Stardust on the way from Nordstrom's website. I'm so happy they're not dupes as I bought them sight unseen :). Now, I think I will really like both polishes. Nice comparisons!!

    • Kristina

      oops! correction! I have Dior Blossom 132 and Guerlain Stardust coming from Nordie's! It's Blossom and Stardust, I'm wondering if they're dupes. I don't have Pampille.

  • Hmmm Stardust doesn't really look like my thing! It's pretty on you, but with my yellow/olive undertone, I am a bit worried it'd make my hands look dead! I am looking forward to the Rouge Automatiques from the collection, but otherwise not so much!

  • Looks good and great pictures!

  • Thanks very much for this post. I was really wondering how transparent would Stardust end up being. Did you also applied 3 coats of Pampille? On your swatches I like Stardust more than Pampille which looks milkier, reminds me of some polishes at 90s that I used to wear 🙂

  • It is super gorgeous, so delicate and pretty!

  • I had this in my wishlist and now I'm joining Sunny's worry about how would it look with yellow/olive skintones. However, I guess I'll have to test it in store and maybe get it as a glittery top coat.

  • Anonymous

    This is gorgeous! I hesitated in buying this because I thought it was very similar to dior crystal. Now I don't know! Do you think they are similar?

  • Here in the LA area of SoCal, we've had unseasonably warm weather which has brought the sandals out again and so I've been wearing Stardust on my toes. The brilliant blue skies and abundance of sun have been the perfect foil for this cheerful polish which sparks blue with every movement. The masterful mix of silver, blue, and green micro-shimmer is warmed by the tiniest addition of pink which makes Stardust a gorgeous winter/spring shade that is cool without being frigid. Although it can easily be used as a single coat to add a sparkly veil over another light color, it is really very, very pretty all on its own and that's how I've been wearing it: Two coats of Stardust applied over Guerlain's Base Protectrice and then topped with gel coat. It's beautiful under indoor light, but drop-dead gorgeous in sunlight which brings out the flashes of blue. As for the lack of total opacity, I personally prefer a semi-transparent finish with polishes like Stardust because being able to see through the layers gives the polish more dimension and sparkle; thus making it seem more ethereal.

    I'm not one for all the toppers with the large chunks of glitter as I think they're fun for young women, but not really what I want to be wearing on my old hands or feet. Stardust is classic Guerlain; however, which means it is also suited to us older ladies who want to have a bit of fun without looking like we had a day of arts and crafts with the grandkids! LOL

    I have yet to use Stardust for a mani. Some heavy duty gardening took its toll on my nails and so I need another week of TLC before they're ready for the Stardust treatment 🙂

  • Pretty polish.

  • I'm finally looking forward to the Meteorites in Dore 04, they look very women of color friendly and will be my first Guerlain purchase. I'm so excited!!

  • I think you have the names for 132 Blossom and 192 Pampille mixed up. Nordstrom's photo shows Blossom as the pale blue color, whereas Pampille is a soft coral with shimmer.

    • The bottle of Dior says Pampille on the bottle sticker and box label for the blue shade that I featured in the comparison photos.

    • Oops..sorry, it looks like Nordstrom got the photos/graphic mixed up.

    • No worries! I wasn't sure if Nordstrom had the names mixed up – I've seen promo photos around the web with the names on different colored bottles. I hope they fix it soon!

  • OH my goodness, that looks amazing on the nail!

    Cornelia – Ineffable Beauty

  • Thanks, Sabrina, for mentioning whether or not this is suitable as a top coat. My draw to this n/p is solely as top coat and judging from your picture, it probably won't work well. Can you comment on how Guerlain n/p work with other n/p underneath (aka mix/match with other brands)? Thanks & always a lovely post!

  • Hi Sabrina,

    I just had a hold-my-breath kind of moment when I saw your swatches of Guerlain Stardust. I can't get enough of white sheers lately, and this shade has such an amazing ethereal glow!

  • Well, it really does look like stardust! Very pretty.

  • Gorgeous swatches! specially love that pic of the brush! it's such a glittery shimmery shade!

  • It looks gorgeous! I thought it will look more like YSL Premiere Neige but it looks much much better!

    Erika Nagode

  • oh wow, love that shade!

  • love that shade on you <3

  • Maria

    Very beautiful ! I love the slightly sheer refined shimmery sparkle of this quiet but lovely pearlized color. Looks fresh and modern!

  • J


  • What a lovely shade xo! Very delicate

  • EmmaFromFrance

    It looks like OPI Happy Anniversary! Beautiful shade

  • That's a lovely shade!! I like that it looks classy 🙂

  • I love Guerlain, but I much prefer their cream colors! I wish they would release more 🙂

  • I love this look on my nails, so sparkly! 🙂