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Tom Ford Seductive Rose Eye Color Quad

September 13, 2013
Tom Ford Seductive Rose Eye Color Quad ($78 for .35 oz/10g, made in Italy) is new to the US but already released in Asia. The quad is a stunning palette with two textured sparkles and two finely milled shimmers. I am usually not a fan of sheer glitter sparkles and when I swatched this palette on the arm, I was disappointed to see how sheer the rose and purple were. Layering the sparkles resulted in simply more sparkle (versus color). The other colors swatched perfectly: a soft pink shimmer and a aubergine/plum shimmer. Even though hand/arm swatches were a let down, the good news with this palette looks much better on the eyes than on the hands or arm. The colors apply on the eye beautifully. The trick is to layer the glittery shades on last by softly pressing and then blending gently. The sparkles in this palette coordinate and layer beautifully with the shimmer colors. If you’re normally not a shimmer kind of person when it comes to makeup you will find this over the top. I like to wear shimmers, occasionally frosts, rarely do I wear high-sparkle shadows, but I fell completely in love with Seductive Rose. It’s one of those palettes you have to try in person on the eyes to see just how lovely it is.

A closer look at the beautiful textures:

Here it is swatched, you can see that the glitters apply very sheer:

I couldn’t find anything like Seductive Rose. When I saw photos when this was released in Asia I suspected this was a more sparkly version of Enchanted (limited-edition from the fall 2012 jardin noir collection). Swatching the two side by side show that the two are very different.

The sparkles in Seductive Rose seemed similar to those in the Tom Ford trios for this season. A comparison to She Wolf and In the Pink are below. The colors are similar in concept and sheerness, but I prefer the sparkles in the Seductive Rose quad – I find them a bit more wearable.

Swatched without flash:

Swatched with flash:

I think Seductive Rose is a must-have for me. It’s a definite splurge but the colors are unique and I love the way the colors look on the eyes. Even though it’s on the glitzy side I still find it wearable for everyday if the glitters are applied with a soft hand. At this time I’m not sure if it’s limited or permanent. I am happy it was released in the US. Seductive Rose should have arrived at all Tom Ford Beauty counters by now. You can find it online at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks.

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  • I like Enchanted better because the colors seem to be a little more matte. I just bought Violet Dusk because it's being discontinued. I'll post photos and swatches next week.

  • oh my lord this is simply gorgeous! I think this has to be the prettiest Tom Ford quad so far. I still haven't checked them out, but I will definetly have to run to the nearest counter the next time I visit London

  • I'm really loving TF's new glitter shades. I think of them as tinted, shimmery "veils" rather than as outright colors to be applied on their own. And even though I am an older woman, I still enjoy a bit of judiciously applied, refined sparkle. I have a large moveable lid and absolutely no hooding so I can still get away with it πŸ™‚

  • I love these kind of glitters, they have a really nice effet on other shades. I do wished that they added one shimmery shade instead of two, it's a bit of an overkill, no? I do like the shades though, it's gorgeous!

  • This looks GORGEOUS <3

  • Beautiful swatches!

  • Thank you for swatching this alongside TF Enchanted.

  • Very, very pretty! Although I have Enchanted I think this one is different enough to justify purchasing. It is on my wishlist! Thank you for the comparisons and beautiful swatches πŸ™‚

  • Wow, this is gorgeous! Such unique, but totally wearable pinks! Thanks for the swatches πŸ™‚

  • The Bourjois smokey eyes trio eyeshadow in Vintage Rose is pretty similar to this.

  • These shades are gorgeous, but I must admit your use of the word "frosted" for one of them has me scared! lolol. Shimmer I can do, frosted….not so much!

  • I heard from a NM SA (on Instagram!) that they have a lot of returns on this Seductive Rose shade – major fallout issues.

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing, you make the most beautiful swatches of all I would dare to say. Your pictures are clear and delicate. Love to browse your site before I buy something expensive!

  • Gail

    I wish there was just one glitter shade too, and then maybe the fourth shade could have been a shimmer or even matte version of that glitter shade…but Tom Ford didn't ask me. Maybe next time!