Dior Vernis Releases for Spring-Summer

March 23, 2013

Dior has released several new shades for spring-summer this month. I am currently testing some new nail products so won’t have time to do a comprehensive detailed review since I’m reserving my fingers for testing. I did want to share a few swatches to help. There are several shades exclusive to certain locations in the US and therefore rather limited, you might want to order sooner than later so you don’t miss out. All retail for $24 each.

Sparkling Shine Collection, available at all Dior counters and online locations consists of:

  • Princess 553 is a sparkling light baby pink
  • Spring Ball 343 is a high shimmer baby peach
  • DΓ©lice 433 is a gorgeous medium peach-orange shimmer
  • Diablotine 643 (reviewed here) is a bright coral red shimmer

Two shades from the Asia Exclusive DiorSnow collection have been launched in the US at Saks Stores, Saks.com and the Dior Palazzo Boutique in Las Vegas (ask for Massiel at (702) 734-1102 she’s amazing).

  • Nymphea 307 is a pale baby blue with a slight hint of aqua (see it on AudreyEleven and comparisons on Kais Obsessions)
  • Crystal 205 is a transparent frosted snow-white sparkle (see it on AudreyEleven)

Sephora has launched a series of Color Vision collections focused around color themes. They have released an exclusive lilac shade which is a repromote of a Japan exclusive.

I’ve acquired all except the lilac shade (not sure about pale lavendars, seems a bit too pastel, will have to test in person). For now, here are the live bottle photos and swatches on a nail wheel. I hope this helps!

Shades swatched in outdoor lighting:

Did you pick up any of the spring shades from Dior? If you tried (or bought) the lilac one, what did you think?

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the swatches! Do you think Crystal could be used like a topcoat to add shimmer to other shades, or would it be too streaky?

  • Hi Sabrina, all six look like beautiful picks! I like how there's one of each 'type' of color (pink, coral, hot coral, red) — and how Dior went with shimmer for spring! πŸ™‚

  • I really want Diablotine and Spring Ball!

  • OMG Nymphea!!! I wonder if we'll get this here. I'll have to find out! I have Spring Ball and I love it to bits πŸ™‚ One of my favorite nail polishes so far this year.

  • Anonymous

    It's so much cheaper, better for the environment, longer lastong, and easier on you and your storage to just get a gel manicure and call it a day…..

    This is coming from a former polish junkie, I have all these rare polishes and don't even know what to do with them now, and I wonder wtf was I even thinking. Lol.

    • Gel manicures are tragic for your nails! Better to go old school. πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      Not the jappanese gel nails…that's all I get, for the past year- my nails are long, strong and gorgeous. They font chip or break.Unlike the old Skoolwhere they break every week.

      Plus, I have no time to paint my own nails anymore.

  • I love this Dior line! I really think the colors compliment each other and will be so pretty for spring. My favorites are princess, spring ball, and nymphea. I can't choose just one!


  • I'm wearing Spring Ball and it's gorgeous!!

  • They're all gorgeous!! I wouldn't be able to pick just one!

  • Anonymous

    I'll be excited to hear if crystal could work by its own as a pretty wash of sparkle.

    M. Fay

  • Nice colors:)

  • What a beautiful color wheel! I have to say I love, love, love all of these — but haven't picked up any of them yet, as I'm trying to stick to a budget, but Dior polishes are my weakness πŸ™‚

  • Aamazing! I actually love all of them but I think Delice looks the prettiest! They look kinda yummy in a way!

  • Wow! Nymphea is already gone from Saks.com! I might have to track it down through Massiel (and you're right, she is amazing!).

    IIRC the Diorsnow collection also had a pink called Peony… think Nordstrom will get all three for their Anniversary Sale?

  • Beautiful colors. These look like candies to me. Great colors for Summer.

  • Wow… they all are so PRETTY… Nymphea is such a lovely Spring shade.

  • Anonymous

    I want the four sparkling shine, they"re amazing ! The others , "dΓ©jΓ  vu". !

  • Mimi

    @Anonymous, don't feel bad about all your polishes. It gave you joy to collect them. We all do stuff like this. You could line them all up on a shelf and get happiness by looking at them. I'll bet it's a gorgeous collection.

    @Lisa, why do you say the gel manicure is tragic to the nails? What does it do to them? Thanks!

  • OMG! the Nymphea and crystal are something els!!! i love all the colors but those two are gorgeous! I wanna try and find them! Thank you!! xx

  • rarely do i find myself in love with all the colours from one collection … but the dior vernis for spring comes pretty close!! thanks for sharing x

  • Nymphea omg! I really want Froufrou!!!

  • I wonder how Princess compares to Chanel Mistral? Would be very thankful if you could make a comparison!