Armani Madre Perla Palettes for Holiday 2011

November 14, 2011

Armani has released two palettes this holiday season for their Madre Perla Collection. The theme for the eyes and cheeks are shimmery golds, nudes, pearls and silvers. I found the collection has arrived in-store at Neiman Marcus. One is a Face & Eye Palette #1 (the golden one) and the other is designed as an Eye Palette #2. Both are $59 each and are limited edition. The two palettes contain three shades each, very reminiscent of Nude Contrasts from Spring 2010. I approached these with a bit of hesitation. As beautiful as the colors were from Spring, I have to admit both palettes have barely been used. All the colors (except the black) from the spring eye palettes show up similar on the skin which results in just one overly-sparkly eye when the colors are layered. Still, the palettes this season took my breath away as soon as I saw them. The palettes were a bit difficult to photograph to capture the dimensional aspect of the shimmer. I’ve tried several angles to try and help give you an idea.
Madre Perla Face and Eye Palette 1 is a trio of golds. The texture is soft, slightly powdery and fairly shimmery. Applying with an eyeshadow brush (or a denser brush) results in a very shimmery pigmented application. I wore this on the eyes last night to a play and it was beautiful but definitely on the sparkly side. The three colors you have are pale ivory, warm pale gold, neutral tan gold. I feel the colors are uniquely distinct from each other when swatched on the hand but if you want to layer three shades I think you can only create a subtle gradient. Since the payoff with a small brush was so pigmented I was worried it would be too frosty for the face, but applying with a regular brush brush (I used Bobbi Brown’s when testing this one) resulted in a sheer but visible wash of shimmer. Love!

Madre Perla Eye Palette 1 is also beautiful with a cool sharp white with gold frost, neutral tan beige shimmer and cool lavender. I’m not a fan of lavender shades but I learned from Le Metier that this color can be a great highlight to layer over beiges/tans and golds. I really love the middle shade, it’s like a soft beige with a slight hint of grey shimmer. I applied the middle shade first over most of the lid, then added the lavender to center on top and blended. I then added the ivory-gold as a very soft highlight near the top. Today I used Bobbi Brown Bronze gel liner to finish the look. Overall it’s a stunner but very pale. Next time I will need to add a darker contour like Chanel Sand.

Here’s another close up plus swatches:

Comparisons of last year’s highlighter (less yellow and lighter) to this year’s:

Palette comparisons from Spring 2010 to Holiday:

Overall all out gorgeous, not overly frosty, beautiful for holiday. I will definitely get more use out of these than the spring 2010 palettes. They are more versatile and wearable in my opinion.

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  • Loving the design of the palettes. It seems quite frosty in the swatch but reading your review gives me some hope. Will definitely check it out in person. Thanks for the review Sabrina.

  • I like the look of palette 1!

  • Love them, but not enough to buy them πŸ™‚

  • Oh, I really love the packaging of the Armani palettes. Seeing them all together is really wonderful too.

    I'm really loving the color scheme of the Armani eye palette #2. The sugary purple adds just the right touch to the confection!

  • Very pretty, but too subtle for me! I am awaiting the Spring 2012 collection…

  • So pretty, I really need to try out some of the Armani shadows since you influenced me to finally try the Eyes to Kill mascara – which I LOVE!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for this review. Do you prefer this or the Lumière Sculptée de Chanel Highlighting Powder?

  • Via

    I took both of the palettes as I am very pale and they show up and the lip gloss 507 (pink). Like them a lot but also add some darker colors to the Eye 2 palette.

  • @Anonymous – I prefer this one from Armani over Chanel for holiday.

  • So pretty, just ordered palette 1 and the new eyes to kill 18 &19. Did you check those out too?

  • These are beautiful, particularly the lavender. The way it swatches reminds me very much of EstΓ©e Lauder's Spring 2001 eye shadow, Pure Pops? That had a deep aubergine in place of the beige, I think (it's been almost eleven years, so my memory might be faulty). Thank you for the swatches!

  • So lovely – had a chance to swatch these last night at Nordstom. The texture seems to be an improvement over Spring 2010 (I have Contrasts 2). πŸ™‚