Dior Couture Golds 554 Eyeshadow Palette

October 22, 2011

Dior Couture Golds 554 Quint ($59 for 6 g/ 0.21 oz) has finally been spotted in-store at Nordstrom. I’ve looked everywhere online for this and have yet to find it listed anywhere yet. It appears to have had a slight delay in release compared to the other items in this year’s holiday collection (much like last year’s Five Golds). If you’re looking online I suspect it might be a while before we see it show up. I’d recommend you call your Dior counter to see if it has arrived. Couture Golds is a particularly festive mix of golds and creams. The colors in the palette are all high frost/shimmer with the exception of the dark blackened-brown. I would describe the shades as (from top left going clockwise finishing at the center):
  • frosted ivory cream
  • frosted warm coppery gold
  • shimmery warm golden bronze with slight beigey tones
  • dark matte black-brown with gold flecks
  • sparkling yellow-gold champagne that has slightly chunky reflective particles

All have excellent color payoff, except for that dark color which I think needs a dense brush and quite a bit of packing on to get decent pigment. All together Couture Golds has a beautiful glowy quality that is perfect for holiday.

Is this a must-have? My initial thoughts were “yes! this is the best palette of the season yet!” I still feel that last year’s holiday quint, Five Golds wins hands down, but I did think this year’s Couture Golds was a huge thumbs up until I swatched it on the arm and thought it looked oddly familiar – like Endless Shine. Here is Couture Golds with some comparisons and swatches. You can judge for yourself on the similarities. There are differences in sparkle quality and undertone. Perhaps they just look identical because of my skintone. For me, they are too close for comfort. After seeing them swatched side-by-side I couldn’t help but feel a bit let down thinking this was simply a re-hash or a previously released quint. I couldn’t fit everything on one arm, so swatches are grouped into twos.

Overall, I still feel that Couture Golds is the best eye palette of the holiday season. The sparking champagne in the center is so gorgeous with the chunky reflective particles. I prefer it over Endless Shine (even though they are very similar) so I can justify keeping it instead of re-gifting it to someone else. Will I be using Couture Golds this season? Absolutely yes. I just feel it could have been a bit more different than something previously released by the same brand.
Have you seen Dior Holiday in person? What were your thoughts?

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  • Gorgeous! For some reasons, I find myself drawn to the dark color!

  • I can't wait to get this, I have it on order. I'm glad it's a little different from 5 golds from last year, I was worried about that!

  • this is all kinds of gorgeous! thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • wendy

    hi sabrina!!! i'm still debating buying the 2 singles from chanel or purchasing the couture gold. would you say that chanel's singles give off the same look as chanel's? could you please give me suggestions for the dense brush you would use for the darkened black/ brown shade? thankyou very much!! xo

  • I like this a lot, perfect with my brown eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  • Temi

    Wonderful review as always. Thanks! Cant wait to get it.

  • Thank you very much for this informative post!

    I'm quite a Dior-phile,
    but I guess I'll give Couture Golds a pass since I already own Five Golds and the very-similar Endless Shine!

  • Wendy – I'm assuming your question is whether the Chanel compares to the Dior? If so, they are very different. I recommend you go to the counter to play with the textures and finished in person.

    For a dense brush, any tiny smudge brush will do. I like the one by Laura Mercier best.

  • Amy

    I'm beginning to wonder if holiday collections are for women who buy makeup once a year.

  • I have Endless Shine and it is one of my most unused palettes due to its sheerness (four of five) and all the shimmer. However, I am really tempted to get this seasons palette. It just seems a tad more pigmented. Thanks for a great review!

  • Wow…… Couture golds looks GORGEOUS! I am speechless with this beautiful colors. My only concern with this palette is that I do have many DIor quints, therefore I must go to the Dior counter and play with all different colors before making my final decision. The gold color in the middle remands me of a limited edition Dior single maned " champagne" I can't wait until my bet trip to the mall.

  • Katrina

    I'm so glad you put up a review on this. I have been trying to look for swatches online but couldn't find any. Can't wait to get it!! Absolutely love dior quints. πŸ˜€

  • Hach… Wonderful.

  • Wow, I agree it is very close to Endless Shine! I like this better than last year's Five Golds because it's easier to see how you can make a look out of it. While Five Golds did have five beautiful, pigmented shades, it was really difficult to make a cohesive look out of them! You couldn't get a complete look using just the palette. Couture Golds, on the other hand, has the shade depth range you need πŸ™‚ Thanks for reviewing!

  • Lena

    Sabrina, if you were to buy one whould it be Dior quint or Chanel duo? Thank you

  • Couture Gold is so wonderful but with Endless Shine so similar ;/
    I love this shine πŸ™‚

  • it reminds me of the urban decay naked palette. I like the center color in five golds. mixing golds and silvers looks very pretty.

    I think 5 golds is the prettiest :).

  • Anonymous

    Love the look of this! I can't wait for this palette to arrive over here. I don't own Endless Shine and I agree that this palette provides more options for a complete eye look that last years Five Golds.

  • The swatches are just as beautiful as the shadows in the palette! I absolutely love the highlight color!

  • I've never tried Quints before but you're making me want to. Looks like there are a lot of gorgeous ones!

  • I wish my store would get this in! Your photos made me want it. I love gold shadows.