Chanel Poudre Tissée in Brompton Road (Harrods Exclusive)

September 15, 2011

Chanel and Harrods partnered to create an exclusive makeup collection to celebrate the “Chanel at Harrods” exhibition. The pink-themed collection is called the Knightsbridge Collection which consists of:
  • Poudre Tissée in Brompton Road (£46.00 on Harrods.com)
  • Rouge Allures in Kensington, Hyde Park and Belgravia
  • Glossimer in Chelsea
The items are exclusive to Harrods for a limited time. Currently only the powder is available for purchase online. You can check out the coverage of the event on these resources:
Style Bubble has beautiful photos and a snapshot of the entire makeup collection
Grazia Daily also has more photos of the collection and a link to a makeover video
Fleur de Force has the items swatched on her hand
Fashion Fois Gras showcases some wonderful display photos

Combine the words “exclusive”, “Chanel” and “pink” and I was sold. I purchased the powder in Brompton Road (converted into approximately $72) online. It’s a satiny pink base with soft white-beige shimmery Cs  that comes with an overspray of beautiful silver glitter. Per Harrods, “The Exclusive Creation POUDRE TISSÉE in Brompton Road, opens up to reveal a fabric-like effect, evocative of a fine, light and refined knit. The sheer, satiny powder enhances the radiance of the complexion while giving it a beautiful translucency. Brompton Road, a tender pink with golden shimmers, can be dabbed onto cheekbones to subtly brighten and freshen the face.”

With overspray:

Without overspray:

The powder comes in a similar format to the Ombres Tissées in Beiges from the Aquarelles Collection. Both compacts come with the same embossed quilted pattern covered in a beautiful oversprayed layer of sparking glitter. Both are made in Italy and have multiple colors in the compact which are intended to be swirled together to create a glow. The differences (aside from the colors) are in the intended use and finish:
  • Beiges has 13g / 0.46 oz and is labeled with the name Ombres Tissées – Iridescent Effects Eyes (although I’ve used this on the cheeks as well), this comes with three layers of iridescent pale beiges and pinks for a highlighting effect, it also comes with a sponge tipped applicator
  • Brompton Road has slightly more product with 15g / 0.50 oz and is labeled with the name Poudre Tissée – Highlighting Powder and Blush Natural Finish, this comes with two colors, a soft shimmering white-gold in double-crossed Cs and warm pink background that is more matte, the powder comes with a small angled brush

The top layer of glitter is easily removed to reveal a soft powdery mixture of pink and a soft beige-white shimmer. Combined they give a baby pink cheek without any detectable shimmer (at least from initial testing). The texture is a dry powder similar to the Beiges that almost feels creamy when you touch the compact with your fingers. It does not arm or hand-swatch well. As you can see below and from other blogs, it appears rather chalky on the hands. On the face it blends nicely to give a soft pink glow. Here it is swatched, L to R: both colors mixed, pink and white (these were finger swatched over bare skin).

I found this Hyde Park Rouge Allure feature to be lovely:
I also loved this Brompton Road feature:
Vanity Fashionista

I’ll be posting a few comparisons and more thoughts later. I do believe you need to have fairly decent skin to wear this. The texture tends to emphasize any imperfections when applied to the face directly (over foundation and powder). Perhaps adding a luminzer underneath will help the application to appear more natural. It doesn’t appear chalky on the cheeks but the dry texture of the powder emphasized all my bumps and pores. Do note that my skin is recovering from an allergic reaction to trying a sample of Burberry’s Fresh Glow, so this is probably not the best time to make judgements about the finish. Compared to using my MAC blushes this past week, it appears the Chanel Highlighter emphasized bad spots while the MAC worked normally. That being said I’ll only be wearing this on good skin days.

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  • Oh dear, can it look any more beautiful? The shades and the packaging are truly gorgeous!

    ♥ Milk

  • Thank you for the link to my post 🙂
    This is my favourite blush at the moment, I really love the milky colour of it.

    I went into Harrods again a couple of days ago and the powder is now out of stock (still available online though), I grabbed all three lipsticks while I was there haha (posted today if you're interested :D)
    Harrods takes phone orders, if anyone overeseas is interested in getting the lipsticks and glossimer too 🙂


  • Nina

    So beautiful! Sabrina, a question a little off-topic – have you been able to identify the ingredients that give you these allergic reactions? Are the reactions rashes, or actual "breakouts?" I'm curious because I have sensitive skin. Maybe you could do a post about that? Sorry if it's too personal, but when you're a make-up fanatic, it seems to be an occupational hazard! I'd love to hear about what skincare you use when you get these reactions also!

  • Love that!

  • I am sooo sad i can't order a lipstick!!! they are gorgeous colors:(

  • That is beautiful! I don't have a Harrod's near me though. *sobs*

  • I also saw this blush on Vanity-Fashinista's blog. :] Looks so pretty!!!

  • Thank you, Sabrina!
    Can you please compare finish of Brompton Road to similar colors of Joues Contraste? I have uneven skin and show some pores, so I have a concern.

  • Wow! That's super gorgeous! ^_^

  • What a beauty!

  • Oh my Chanel is so beautiful and the blush is no exception, just gorgeous!

    I want it 🙂

  • That powder is gorgeous! I am tempted to order it from Harrod's online. I wish they had the whole collection online — I really would love to buy the Belgravia Rouge Allure also!