Spring to Summer Brights for Nails

March 24, 2011

I’m known for loving neutrals. Bright colors are usually not my thing unless its on the fingers, toes or blush {I love bright blushes}. I’m doing a three-part series for the brights that I love and adore {for Debra who requested a summer brights feature}. Part 1 features bright nails in orange, pink and red. It’s too early to be thinking about summer but brights on nails can be pulled off in any season.

I’ve linked previous reviews and features. There are a few I’ve republished below along with a few new mani-pedi pictures.
  • Chanel Riviera – reviewed compared and dupe attempts here and here
  • Chanel Coromandel – reviewed here

Dior Cabaret Pink – see it here too

Chanel Pulsion – swatched, compared and reviewed here

Chanel Enthusiast – pedicure here

Chanel Orange Fizz – manicure here

Chanel Melrose (no longer available)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral – shown below

I believe you can still find all the shades currently except for Chanel Enthusiast, Riviera and Melrose. Riviera is very close to Chanel’s Rose Insolent and Dior’s Cabaret Pink though. Are you wearing bright colors right now?

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  • Great swatches I love Melrose.So pretty πŸ™‚

  • The Orange Fizz is so cute! Like creamsicles, almost. And I decided to wear (and not just around my apartment, lol) a bright lip today!

  • Loving RBL's Coral!

  • Fantastic swatches.

    I like Chanel Melrose and Dior Cabaret pink best!

  • Thanks,Sabrina! These gorgeous colors and the sight of sandals brightened up my torrential-rainy day. I'm wearing Hunter boots and rain gear. Love the Melrose.

  • loving chanel melrose – super sweet. the tape swatches are very usueful reference points. many thanks for sharing sabrina x

  • Your nail polish posts always leave me drooling! I love all the colors. I'm determined to get my nails in shape, I have a nasty nail biting habit so for now no pretty polish for me. =(

  • Melrose is such a pretty pink! Thanks for the gorgeous swatches πŸ™‚

  • Nat

    So many pretty shades there! Love Pulsion and Orange fizz x

  • IΒ΄m more into neutrals, now. But I guess I will pull out my Chanel Rose Insolent for my manicure next week πŸ™‚ And IΒ΄m thinking about getting Orange Fizz… IΒ΄m usually not into orange but I might like this one.

  • I love them all, especially Orange Fizz and Pulsion. I just ordered some bright polishes from Zoya on their BOGO sale. I love Zoya polish-wears like iron. I'm currently sporting a bright pink from the OPI Texas collection–Too Hot Pink to Hold 'Em.

  • Hi ladies! I finally have time to respond to comments today.

    Faye Lu – thank you! I was wondering whether or not they were useful or not. It's easier to fit more colors on my arm rather than five fingers at a time. Many thanks to Karlasugar for the inspiration.

    Lexi – I love RBL Coral!

    Brittany – I definitely have many nail fails. I just don't feature as many. I considered Butter London No More Waity Katie a fail for me. Soft purples just come off like Easter on me. I also can't wear blues or greens very well. Thank you for being so sweet though. I think brights is just a matter of getting used to on nails. I used to not be able to wear reds because I found them too harsh – it's just getting used to it. Try on the toes first because it's less noticeable than fingers.

    Elle – I'm always into neutrals!

    Diane, Cindy, Nat, Makeup Magpie, Debra, Larie, River and Hollywood – thank you for the support and input!

  • I love Orange Fizz on you! I'm wearing OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender on hands & RBL Iconoclast on toes πŸ™‚

  • Chanel Orange fizz looks amazing! Love that shade, I thinnk is perfect for spring- summer:)