Holiday Palettes From Becca: Fallen Angel & Enigma

November 26, 2010

Becca always puts together the most beautiful makeup looks. Check out their features from past seasons under Becca Style – Makeup Looks and you’ll see what I mean. This season Becca has released a new collection called Fallen Angel. The featured looks were just so stunning that I immediately ordered the 2 palettes: Enigma (eyes) $49 and Fallen Angel (lip and cheek) $45.

Enigma Palette has a trio of neutral-cool smokey colors. Amure is a matte soft grey-brown, Silesia is a dark smokey grey-brown-black, Surah is a shimmery mauve. All have a soft velvety texture which make these easy to apply and blend together. I was a bit let down by the palette in the sense that it did not look like the promotional photo online. Still the quality is very good and colors are good neutrals for a soft smokey eye – just not very unique.

Fallen Angel Palette is for lips and cheeks. It appears to have more of a peachy-resort feel rather than angelic. When I think “angel” I think soft pink and champagne. Still this is lovely. Sunrise is a sheer peach (almost clear), Nectar reminds me of Tuberose Lip & Cheek Creme, Narcissus is a pale gold cream highlighter.

As much as I love Becca, I was somewhat disappointed by what came in the mail. Having been somewhat let down (compared to the promotional photos) twice in the past, you would think I had learned my lesson to wait and check out other reviews before ordering again. These palettes are indeed beautiful and very wearable, so don’t get me wrong, I think they are very high quality and worth the price. I was just expecting something different. Below are swatches, the eyeshadows were swatched over a lightly moisturized arm.

One last view for size comparison, the palette colors are similar in size to a MAC eyeshadow. The Becca Shadows are 1.6 g or 2 g each (depending on color) while MAC eyeshadows are 1.5 g each. Do note I find the quality and texture of the Becca much better than most MAC shadows. The creams in the Fallen Angel Palette are 1.3 g each.

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  • I actually am impressed. I think they look a bit nicer than the promo images. The colors of the shadows are more warm and wearable than I thought. I really want both palettes.. tonight ill decide if that is my early birthday present to myself!!

  • I've had my eye on the Enigma palette since it was released. Your swatches of it are lovely! And as I initially decided, I'm going to pass on the Fallen Angel palette. It's pretty, but just not for me. Thank you for sharing. ^^

  • i love the cheek/lip palette! it's gorgeous and would look good on many people.

  • Thank you for sharing! That Narcissus shade looks like such a nice highlighter shade… the shadows are gorgeous too (can't never have too many neutrals) … they look very handy to carry around.

  • hi, I am sorry for the comment I put on chanel blue nail polish. That was tacky of me. I won't do that ever again

    Is the brand becca any good. You do amazing swatches. I love palettes because they take the guess work of color coordination.

    What is the pigmentation of the shadows?
    you gave a nice comparison with the MAC shadow.

  • I agree with the previous commenter that your photos look much prettier than the promo images. I doubt I'll be buying either of these palettes, but they are indeed gorgeous.

  • I agree with you, they look different than on the promo pics, but I think your swatches make me like them even more! πŸ™‚ Especially the cheeks and lips one, actually.

  • Thank you very much for this post, Sabrina!
    I was talking with some people from zuneta and was told that they will film about this collection (the collection is already available so I am waiting for the videos which should be live any day now).
    I am pretty sure that I will make a purchase(beach tints) but I want to take a look at the colours "in action" because I know that they can look different in real life and I don't have a BECCA counter near to try it myself.
    I wonder about the Line & Illuminate Pencil – Belize
    Eye Tint – Pewter. Pewter ET is actually described as charcoal black, why would they call it pewter then. The same thing with a Fig BT which is actually nude. That is a bit confusing.

  • Thank you for this post, Sabrina. I was waiting for these to show up online and I immediately fell for the Fallen Angel palette but wanted to wait for reviews of the Enigma palette. Glad I did, I'm sure I have something similiar in my stash. Will purchase Fallen Angel though. thanks!!

  • These are so pretty! I love the lip palette.

  • Robyn

    I had the exact same experience with the Becca eyeshadow palette – I ordered it immediately based on the promo pictures and was slightly disappointed! I expected the shades to be darker and cooler-toned and not quite so neutral. Argh!

  • Hey Sabrina!! Lovely review, I was immediately interested in the palette when I saw the promo images. It looks pretty but I think you are right, its not super special… Btw did you get the Belize eye definer/illuminating pencil? It sounds like a very pretty and perhaps more unique product. I believe it is described as a "smokey mauve grey/Sooty black/violet", sounds so good right?

  • Julia

    Do you find the Enigma eyeshadows have good payoff, or do you have to work at layering them? I have the Becca Showgirl palette and was disappointed with the eyeshadows in it. Thanks!

  • Hello! Do you know of any individual shadows from Becca that are similar to this trio? It’s impossible to purchase Enigma and I was thinking about getting a similar look with their other shadows. Or maybe you know where to get an Enigma – it can be used. Thank you for your help!