Bobbi Brown Everything Eye Kit – Bloomingdale’s Holiday Exclusive

October 25, 2010
Holiday palettes and kits are being released everywhere and it seems like there’s something new from Bobbi Brown every week. I can hardly keep track. Bloomingdale’s has a new exclusive holiday set this year called the Everything Eye Kit ($85). It comes with a 5-pan eyeshadow palette, full-sized Everything Mascara in Black and a new Thunderstorm Gel Eye Liner.

The palette contains a mix of regular, sparkle and shimmer wash colors. Inside it has (left to right) Navajo, Gold Bar Sparkle, Quarry Shimmer Wash, Pink Copper Sparkle and Caviar. Navajo/Caviar are repromotes. Gold Bar and Pink Copper are labeled as “sparkles” but they seem remarkably similar to those Diamond Dust shadows Bobbi Brown released around 2006. They don’t seem like her regular sparkle shadow formula in the sense that they aren’t chunky but they do have quite a bit of sparkle. Quarry is a gorgeous silvery smokey shimmer – I wish she would release this in a full sized individual color.

Thunderstorm Eyeliner is a new exclusive shade. It’s a dark neutral grey with tiny silver sparkles. It looks remarkably similar to the other darker blacks and greys in the container. I would say Thunderstorm is a less blue version of Graphite Shimmer Ink.

Here it is compared to Graphite Shimmer Ink, Black Ink, Caviar Ink and Gunmetal Shimmer Ink Gel Liners from Bobbi Brown. When you scroll down to the swatches you’ll see the difference between each color. In the pots they all look the same. On the skin it’s a bit different. (Note: A number of these were from various GWPs over past years but I’ve lost track of which ones I received as gifts.)

My thoughts: It’s a pretty set but not a must-have for long-time Bobbi Brown fans – this set will probably be a replica of what you already own. If it weren’t for the GWP for beauty benefits at Bloomies I probably wouldn’t have bought this kit. I do think it’s a great starter kit for those who are looking for a good set of wearable and highly versatile shades. If you don’t have a good dark eyeliner, Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liners are among my favorites. Thunderstorm is a lovely dark smokey shade that will define the eyes without looking too harsh. The sparkle shadows are beautiful and aren’t over the top when applied with a light-to-medium hand.

Do be aware the palette is fairly tiny – it seems to be a trend for many brands this year. If you want a more detailed breakdown of what this costs based on full-sized gel liner and mascara you get:

  • $21 = regular cost of gel liners
  • $22 = regular cost of everything mascara
  • $42 = what you pay for the palette, which is about $8 per shadow (times 5) + whatever you want to estimate for the cost of the dual-ended mini brush

I personally would rather pick out full-sized individual items and pay more for colors I really like. I’ve never been a fan of Bobbi’s mascaras so the one from this set will most likely be gifted away. As much as I love sets and palettes, I am DYING for Bobbi Brown to release individual eyeshadows like she used to – in shimmer wash and metallic formulas please! I am hoping all these companies will get out of the palette trend come spring.

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  • From the pics it looks a little like the NARS Pleasures of Paris colours. What do you think?

  • Ifoundpablo – NARS Pleasure of Paris is purple and bronze which seems very different than this one from Bobbi Brown. Perhaps you're thinking of a different NARS palette?

  • I pick up all of her Holiday Sets not only for the makeup items themselves but also for the brushes they come with. they offer the most amazing tiny brushes that work almost the same as the full size brushes and they are uber-soft!

  • Oh wow, I had no idea bloomingdales had an exclusive palette. I think I might pass on this one though and save up for the big holiday palette that you reviewed earlier!

  • I always look at Bobbi Brown stuff and think Oh that's nice, but then not buy. I own a lipstick and shimmer brick, and I can't see myself purchasing much more.

  • It really does look like a lovely palette!

  • I'm with you, Sabrina, when it comes to palette over-load. As much as I love palettes–particularly those from Chanel and Guerlain–I also love the option of eyeshadow singles. It seems that with BB's palettes it's two-thirds to three-quarters regular line colors with only one or two that are new. I know BB thinks everyone should use Navajo as a base and Caviar or Espresso as a liner, but how many pans of those colors can you use? I get the impression that her palettes, although intended for everyone, are actually created for those who are not that familiar with the line. Perhaps she's thinking that everyone will travel with these. Who knows?

    Despite my rant, I did purchase six of her various holiday
    palettes for gifts and I know the recipients will be thrilled with them. I also purchase a Bare to Bold palette from QVC of all places that features a green to die for. If only that green had been released as a single!

  • bah! Another thing I don't need. She kills me with her gels, love her attention to shade nuance. Graphite Shimmer pulled too much blue against my skin and made my eye area look slightly jaundiced, so a new lemming has been born. I wish her shimmer in her shadows was more finely milled though, LM's sateen finish is just slightly too subtle, BB's shimmer just too conspicuous.

  • Lindsey

    I'm also tired of palettes. They're so pretty, but I rarely like *all* the shades and only reach for them when I'm traveling. I'd rather buy fewer shades (and love all of them) than have many that I'm not crazy about.

  • Gisele

    Thanks for the look at yet another lovely palette from Bobbi which I'll decide to pass by. I own a lot of her eyeshadows as well as several palettes. I almost need a chart to keep track of the dupes (or very close dupes) in the new palettes.

    Smaller palettes are going to be here for a while. I'll just have to wait for The One which will be completely new for me, but I don't think it's coming anytime soon!

  • I really want the gel liner – I'm in a big eyeliner phase right now!

  • Love the shade quarry!! Such a gorgeous grey, I wish it were sold as a single too! Thunderstorm looks interesting! I've been neglecting my gel eye liners and sticking to pencil, need to go back to using them:)thanks for the review!

  • Ava

    Sabrina, BB sells individual shadows in shimmer wash and metallic on her website. I'm sick of the palettes too. I rarely like all of the colors or they don't all work for me, which makes the cost of the colors I like even more expensive.

  • girl, i haven't commented on your blog for some time. but this palette certainly caught my attention as it's rather different from previous BB palette. well, at least there is an anchor shade. that cavior thingy looks rather nice even though it's matte and i don't dig matte. i hope it's not sold out by the time i get back to KL as i'd like to try something from BB for once. I think it's one brand that i have yet to review! :p

  • I would love for BB to come out with just a natural looking palette.

  • Love the colors! I agree that sometimes palettes can be hit or miss, but I really like this combination.