Dior Misty Mauve Quint 844 & Tailored Mauve Addict Ultra-Gloss 692

July 5, 2010
Dior Fall 2010 has arrived in Nordstroms although the full tester unit wasn’t up yet, the counter did have the testers scattered in the regular tester unit. I picked up the Misty Mauve Quint $58 and Tailored Mauve Lipgloss $26.50 – both stunning colors for fall. I probably won’t be wearing this for a few months until fall arrives, they seem a bit too cool-toned for summer wear.

In direct sunlight:

The Misty Mauve quint has a good mix of mauve shades which will allow you to achieve a diverse range of looks from neutral to smokey. It does appear more mauve and a bit more subdued compared to the promotional photos released by Dior, but is still pretty in my opinion. While the colors in this palette might not be the most original, I love the texture and finish of these particular shades and they are well coordinated. As a lover of neutral shades, I think this is a good palette for those who want something smokey but not too dramatic. I call it a natural-smokey eye palette with a bit of attitude.

I’ve had a little debate with a fellow makeup fan of mine about this new quint. She thought it unoriginal and something Dior has done a million times before. It’s possibly similar to the purple palette Nordstrom released last year for their anniversary sale (which I do not have), but in terms of the quints I own, it seems quite different. I will say the lighter shades definitely seem familiar. Looking back on past quints, it appears that I have neglected them. I need to use these more often. In the past year I find myself using Chanel, Edward Bess, D&G and Paul & Joe more frequently.

Per reader request from the comments, you can see it’s very different from Chanel Kaska Beige. Here it is also compared to Chanel Enigma.

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Tailored Mauve 692:

Tailored Mauve is a pretty purple-pink gloss. I was worried it would be too purple on the lips and I normally don’t try out tester glosses on my lips, but my SA pulled out a brand new tester so I felt safe trying it out. It was surprisingly wearable and I normally can’t pull off purpley shades. I need a smidge of pink or red in my purple-tones. This will look good with a classic smokey bronze eye (like NARS Cordura) or even a classic smokey eye (like Chanel Enigma or Mystic Eyes). I find that it goes extremely well with the Misty Mauve quint and isn’t overly purple when worn together. It’s semi-sheer to medium with a lovely glossy finish. No detectable scent. Lasting power isn’t the greatest, but I don’t mind reapplying lipgloss regularly throughout the day.

L to R: Chanel Imaginaire, MAC Cultured, Dior Tailored Mauve,
Laura Mercier Violet, Chanel Delight

I checked out the other items. There are a number of new gorgeous Serum de Rouge shades in bright pinks, plums and mauves. Nordstrom is doing a GWP for their Anniversary Sale, so I had my sales associate put aside a couple to qualify for the gift later in the month. I’m also testing out samples of their new Hydra Life skincare line. So far, so good and it’s surprisingly well priced. Will be writing a review once I feel I’ve tested it long enough to get a good feel for how it works on my skin.

Swatches of my Dior Fall Picks (Serum de Rouges not included b/c they are being held for the Anniversary Sale):

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  • These look absolutely gorgeous. I haven't been this excited about a collection for a while. Great descriptions of the palette too!

  • nice palette. can't wait for the swatches.


  • milkyway

    These look lovely! I'm thinking of getting either Chanel Enigma or Dior Misty Mauve but I'm not sure if these are really must haves. If they are, do you like one better than the other?

  • This CD Quint is just beautiful! Must check if it has hit Malaysian shores. We rarely get such mauve and magenta-ish colors for eyes in the market.

    Looking forward to your swatch of the CD mauve lipgloss as well. Another color rarely seen on lips. Enough with the beige colored glosses already!

  • I have never had any luck with Dior palettes. What Dior palette do you think is a must have? I have tried a couple but always end up returning it, the only one I kept was from the lace collection.

    I love the lipgloss. I'm getting into berry colored lips with nudish eyelids lately.

  • I am loving the quint just from pics – I should swatch if for myself next time at Nordstrom since I forsee myself picking up from the Chanel Fall line. I grabbed a few Hydra Life skincare line from Sephora – it's really nice but I have been wanting to do a skincare comparison btw this and my favorite Chanel Hydramax Active serum/moisturizer.

  • Anonymous

    GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for a great post!

    I'm dying to see how this compares to Chanel Kaska Beige, which I use, and which is quite plummy and warm. I was looking to pick this up, and I usually don't buy as many beauty products. Could you by any chance swatch both if you own the other, or describe it?

  • Jules

    Thank you for the great review! The palette looks beautiful. What's the gwp? Thanks

  • Pinkribbons – it's a lovely palette! I think it looks better swatched and applied on the eye versus in the compact.

    Roxy – just updated with swatches, hope they help!

    Milkyway – I compared the 2 for you. Tough pick though. I am such a HUGE fan of taupe, I really love the Chanel Enigma. But this year it seems sheerer than most Chanel Quads I've purchased in the past. It still shows up well IMHO. I wouldn't say either are "must haves" – but I think they are definitely my 2 favorite items for fall.

    Milktea – just updated with swatches. Oooh, did you just say "enough with beige?" LOL, I love beige l/s and gloss like I love taupe e/s.

    Diane – which quints did you end up returning? I'll send you an email shortly. It appears I've neglected my quints more than I've realized. I get the most use out of Earth Reflection and Iridescent Leather.

    Lexi – Definitely check both out at Nordstrom when you get a chance! Which Hydralife items did you pick/try so far? Will send you an email soon too.

    Anonymous – I didn't swatch both side by side, but I did post up comparison photos. Hope it helps!

    Jules – I'm not exactly sure what the GWP is. It's usually a makeup bag with nice skincare, mascara, lipgloss minis. I asked my SA and she wasn't quite sure yet. She has several going on for various events and said she would pick something nice. I definitely recommend checking with the counter near you directly (versus ordering online) because I'm not exactly sure how consistent online is with the stores. If you get to know the SAs or chat with them, they usually give you samples that are best for your skintype (at least at Nordstrom).

  • Love Dior shadows, they have such great quality and awesome shine. Do you think the middle color in the 844 palette is similar to the purple in the Petal shine palette?

  • looks pretty~ too bad I can't wear mauves/purples on my eyes. makes me look bruised!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Kaska Beige fan here, and Misty Mauve owner-to-be. You are the best person in the world and brightened this terrible heartbreak day. :'-) :'-) Thank you so much.

  • I can't wait to be able to buy the eyeshadow quint. Love Dior eyeshadows!

  • Will you be writing a review on the Chanel Enigma palette? I would be interested to know your thoughts.

  • I am a big fan of Dior now after their summer 2010 collection. I was able to get both of the quints, crush glow and ready to glow and love them so much! I like this one because of the matte brown.

    Also, can you do a review on the chanel enigma quad? I've been playing around with mystic eyes, was initially unimpressed but with the right base, looks fantastic. So I'm on the fence about enigma.



  • Wow! I really love this natural-smokey eye palette! thanks for your swatches.

    Please feel free to visit my blog:

  • Your swatches have me wanting the quint now! I was so set on it being a bust, but those colors are lovely. So is the gloss πŸ™‚

  • I rarely leave comments and I stalk a lot of beauty blogs esp. if they focus on high end cosmetics. oh yes, i'm a chanel whore as well (although i could never get into dior products yet those quints look absolutely sextastic!) lol and I must say, your blog is very detailed with the reviews. A bigg thankyou from australia <3

  • The lipgloss is very pretty and wearable…I love the Purple hues on my lips..though I can't wear Lavender whip…

  • Misty Mauves look great! I'd only like Dior to stop making that pink shade in EVERY SINLGE palette. Argh! πŸ˜€

  • Hi, I'm wondering why I can't find this on the Nordstrom website. Do you think it's "old news" by now?

  • Stephanie – it's definitely not old, online sometimes sells out really fast. I know my Nordies received a limited amount.

    Check bloomingdales, neimans and sephora online. I'm sure you'll be able to find it instore better than online.

  • Thanks as always for your incredibly detailed review and the great pictures – your site is an amazing resource for makeup junkies everywhere! Am now seriously wanting this quint though…