Weekend Look of the Day: J.Crew White Ruffled Tank & Skirt

June 14, 2010
How was everyone’s weekend? The weather here in Southern California has been a bit odd the past few days – at least by the beach. Sunny bits here and there and then mostly cloudy. This was Sunday’s outfit/look.

Top: J.Crew ruffle tank
Skirt: J.Crew white denim mini
Belt: J.Crew patent burgandy skinny belt
Shoes: Prada flats
Purse: Chanel

I didn’t plan to have mostly J.Crew on – but it seems to happen more often these days, although I do have to say it’s with their older pieces from past seasons. I love how comfortable the ruffle top is, but unfortunately, if it’s not tucked in or tied with a belt over, then it looks like a huge tent.

NARS Beverly Hills + South Beach Multiples mixed on cheeks
MAC Getaway Bronze Blush on top

Clinique Seashell Cream Shadow as a base
NARS India Song Duo
MAC Orpheus Eyeliner

NARS Beverly Hills + South Beach mixed/dabbed on lips
MAC Love Nectar Lustreglass + Beach Lounger Lipglass mixed

I’m really loving those Multiple Tints from NARS (see my review of 2 of them here NARS Beverly Hills & Cadaques Multiple Tints = Pure Genius). Beverly Hills pulls more bright pink than red on my skin for some reason, but I still like it. Works well dabbed on lips for a slight tint. I liked it mixed a little with South Beach. I mixed the two on the back of my hand first and then applied on the lips. For cheeks, I swiped Beverly Hills on each cheek then South Beach on top and blended quickly with the fingers.

Also wanted your opinions: for the Chanel – is this something I can still pull off or is it totally OUT of style? It’s an older one, I don’t think Chanel makes the line anymore – at least definitely not the brown-on-brown. It’s just been sitting in my closet for ages. I keep forgetting to bring it out. Input would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

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  • Amy

    Looks great! I think that the Chanel is classic enough to continue to carry it. I don't know purse rules in your geographic area, but in Europe and other areas of the U.S., you'd be proudly carrying that style for years.

    The only Chanel that makes me a little hesitant to continue to carry is the white Cambon, but that is because there were sooooo many imitations. I'd still carry it, but I'd pause 1st LOL.

    Looks lovely!!

  • Darling, Chanel *never* goes out of style πŸ˜‰ … you look polished & classy as always!

  • You look like a carefree California summer beauty! And the Chanel is a classic. I agree with Amy! This is one you can carry forever.

  • you are one of the most classy bloggers ever! i always look forward to see your outfit of the day and all your makeup collection too!

    i miss summer!

  • That Chanel is a classic!! You have put it so well together…forget the brand…The whole outfit is so well co-ordinated wth the purse. Also being Brown, I am sure, it wud go wth so many things…

  • I agree with all the ladies, a Chanel is timeless and classic! You should proudly wear it!! πŸ™‚ I must check out the multiple tints soon, are they limited edition? Thanks

  • Classic handbag, love it! By the way, I love your flats, where did you get them from?

  • Oh nevermind, I see where you got them from. I'm so blind! Thanks so much!

  • Your outfit looks very comfortable, and I love your Chanel purse.

  • Like everyone saying above me Chanel = timeless style!

    looks great and I really want one of the new NARS multiple tints!

  • The Chanel is fabulous. People pay a lot for older Chanel because it never goes out of style.

  • Honor

    Chanel is not about fashion but about style . So if you still like it why would you not wear it … And it Will become what I like to call m'y very own vintage …
    Love your blog and Will surely go and check the nars multiple in cadaques.

  • Anonymous

    That Chanel purse is definitely NOT OUT! It is beautiful.

  • Sister

    I disagree with everyone. Stop using the Chanel and give it to your sister.


  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate the feedback πŸ™‚