Les Pop-Up De Chanel Summer 2010 Picks

April 9, 2010
*Updated with a few swatches + descriptions* Les Pop-Up De Chanel has hit counters with a very bright and summery collection. The damage from Saks:
  • Mistral Le Vernis – soft pink with tiny micro multi-glitters (very subtle)
  • Nouvelle Vague Le Vernis – surf blue with a subtle pearl
  • Riviera Le Vernis – hot fuschia
  • Bondi Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lipshine – soft peachy coral shimmer
  • Bondi Beach Aqualumiere Gloss – gorgeous iridescent peach-gold-glow
  • Bikini Peach Glossimer – soft pinky-peach with shimmer

Close Ups of the Nail Polishes:

My fingers feel like the came from the 80’s or like they belong in a gumball machine.

Comparisons to some other Chanel colors: Ming, Jade, Azur, Melrose

Lipstick + Lipglosses:

Summer Gloss Comparisons to MAC Love Nectar, MAC Sublime Shine, Armani #1, and Chanel Sesame:

Lipstick comparisons to: Como, Lily Beige, Cancun

Overall thoughts: You all know I’m a die-hard Chanel fan, but this collection seemed a bit lacking. The collection seemed a bit uncoordinated. There weren’t any new blushes or eyeshadows which I was hoping for. The bronzers seemed a bit unoriginal. The lips had a good balance of bright and neutral, of course I picked up the neutrals and I am completely obsessed with both Bondi Lipstick and Bondi Beach Gloss!

Bikini Peach Glossimer is nice, but is similar to Sesame Glossimer, just a bit deeper in color.

The nail polishes are not must-haves in my opinion, although I do love Riviera which I think will be cute on the toes. Of course I got them because I collect Chanel nail polishes. The formula of these 3 summer colors are incredible and applied like a dream. I didn’t really need 2 coats, but decided to do it anyways because my application was sloppy. At this time, I don’t have any idea how or when I will be pulling off the Nouvelle Vague. I still have yet to brave the Jade color on tips or toes. But at least they both look nice in my vanity.

Being the Chanel fan that I am, I was still able to find some items I liked. The collection as a whole just didn’t wow me as much as past seasons have. The sheer glosses were interesting – I already had a few Fluo Glosses from a previous collection and haven’t used those much because they were just so sheer. However, the new ones seemed to have more color due to their brightness.

If Neimans has a good Incircle GWP, I might consider picking the other glosses up. Saks’ Triple Points GWP was less than thrilling with a mini lifting cream, No 5 body cream mini and a mini mascara. Hardly worth the $150 minimum. Thankfully my SA threw in a few other goodies and extras that she could gather, but this time I had to actually ask.

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  • Sabrina,
    You know I only own ONE Chanel gloss, Giggle! I can't believe that either. I need more – I'll be checking out Bondi beach and Bikini peach glosses but I keep thinking they maybe too light for my dark skin tone…

  • Your Chanel collection is to die for! Lovely pictures.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the pic of all the polishes!

    I totally agree with what you said here, "The collection seemed a bit uncoordinated. There weren't any new blushes or eyeshadows which I was hoping for. The bronzers seemed a bit unoriginal."

    I actually don't consider this a collection…just some fun items for summer. Without a quad or blush to anchor it, I miss the "collection" in this collection.

    I think this is an odd move for Chanel. It would make sense if this grouping were released in mid summer as something fun to check out.


  • You have an incredible Chanel collection and I think the blue/jade shades would look great on you!

  • OMG look at those Chanel polishes. So gorgeous especially all lined up together!

  • OMG! Gorgeous I just want to play! Especially love the nailpolishes.

  • Ugh! I want Bondi and Bondi Beach! My Neimans doesn't have anything yet! I'm waiting for In Circle, though!

    I would be interested to know what you think about these colors Sabrina! I think they were a part of a limited edition for Australia, not sure. They may not even be the same colors as the Australian edition..

    KILLER Chanel polish collection! SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!!

  • Beautiful pictures Sabrina! I like the look of the lipstick/lipglosses you got! Will check these out soon Enjoy πŸ™‚

  • Lovely! Amazing nail polish display- how fun is that! I think Chanel is about to release some new permanent singles (four maybe?) and perhaps some new eyeshadow duo's. Maybe we'll see more eyeshadows from them too. I simply have never seen Chanel release a summer collection without a quad–it is a little confusing to me that this is such a small collection. Thanks for the lovely review.

  • I LOVE your vanity. I wish you can do a post to show off your makeup collection!^0^

  • Your polish collection is so amazing!

    And honestly, I think Jade and Nouvelle Vague are such subtle colors you could easily pull them off!

  • Amazing collection! I love those colors and they are so perfect for Summer πŸ™‚

  • Oh wow, that is one big nail polish collection! πŸ™‚ That's something I don't collect, although I am so tempted to get these new Chanel polishes, even though I wouldn't use them. πŸ™‚

    I will however check out the glosses and the lipstick, they look great and I love Glossimers.

  • I definitely need Nouvelle Vague, it's beautiful! Gorgeous pictures.

  • The nail polishes look so lovely! And wow, Glossimer Bikini Peach looks gorgoeus! I think, I'm gonna get this, since I'm a die-hard fan of Chanel Glossimer.

    Also, Sesame used to be one of my favorite colors, but for some reason it's not available in Austria anymore. πŸ˜‰

  • OMG you just made me fall in love with "Nouvelle Vague" it's so Pretty !

  • I'm totally in love with this collection, even if it's not as full as other summer collections have been. I'm drooling over all three nail polishes (just picked up Nouvelle Vague today!) and Genial and Super Rouge Allures. The display is also super cute too! Love it!

  • Wow.What an incredible nail polish collection. I will definitely chek out the whole collection. I already have an eye for the bondi lipstick, bondi beach and bikini beach. Thank you for sharing

  • I looove Chanel makeup! I aspire my vanity to look like yours.

  • Those lipglosses and the pink toned nail polishes are stunning in my eyes!!!

    Not sure if I can justify any more makeup purchases this month, but they surely look lovely!!!


  • Your Chanel nail polish collection is amazing! I wish I got Jade when I had the chance πŸ™

    Are you going to be getting the 3 limited edition varnishes that are exclusive to boutiques and maybe online?

  • Nina K.

    Hi Sabrina ☼

    could you please please swatch the Chanel Azur polish? Was it a LE color? Never seen them before.

    Thank you soooo much β™₯

    Nina K.

  • if happiness was a color, i think it'd be 'nouvelle vague'… it's so pretty. great post. thanks for sharing xo

  • I love the Chanel brand, but eee the prices give me a heart attack at times, but I think it's one of those things I'd buy for a special occasion or celebration or present.