Ten Things I’m Loving Right Now

March 21, 2010

1. Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Fantasy Set – So cute, I can’t help but smile everytime I look at my P&J Alice sets. I wish I could take it with me in my purse, but it’s not really practical for toting around. The lipbalm goes on basically clear even though it has a pink tint. I haven’t seen the new movie – anyone who has, what are your thoughts?

2. Chanel Sillage Eyeshadow – From the spring collection, this is a lovely shimmery light highlighting color. It’s along the same lines of Lotus, Liberty and Island eyeshadows but has a bit more pink with slight peach to it. It gives a lovely glow to the lid.

3. Chantecaille Sel Eyeshadow – Yes, of course, I’m always loving at least one taupe shade every month. This month my favorite is Chantecaille Sel – a complex color that has shades of silver, taupe, grey, and gold making this very uniquely stunning. It looks different depending on what angle you hold the compact at. I have a hard time pulling off most silvers. Taupes I can do, but pure silvery shades end up making me look tired. On my skin Sel is more silvery but the gold in it makes it wearable for me which is a plus. I love this over Laura Mercier’s Platinum Metallic Cream Eyeshadow.

4. Giorgio Armani Maestro 23 – This color replaced the original Eyeshadow #4. It’s a deep navy-black with a satin finish that has a slight shimmer. There are definitely other similar colors, but I like that the Maestro 23 isn’t too harsh like most blacks or navys which are typically flat matte shades. The texture makes the finish a bit softer since you can blend and layer it to the intensity you prefer.

5. Lancome Pop Petrol 014 Nail Polish – See the full review plus some other views here. Such a lovely murky steel green blue shimmer. I prefer it on the toes rather than fingers, but I’ve never received so many head-turns, compliments and random women coming up to me to ask “what color is that you’re wearing?” just from a nail polish.

6. NARS Ophelia Lipgloss – Also from spring, this is a sheer healthy pink with shimmer. Looks lovely over the new Cruising lipstick or Tutti Frutti lipstick. (Pictured below, swatch is at the top.)

7. Chanel Maline 141 Glossimer – From the spring 2010 collection, it’s on the sheer side and basically goes on clear, but I love the sparkles in this. It looks great over lipsticks to add a pretty sheen. I really like this over nudes like Chanel Como Aqualumiere and MAC Marquise D. (Pictured above, bottom swatch.)

8. Chanel Gardenia 13 Rouge Coco – This is exclusive to Neiman Marcus. It’s a soft shimmery warm pink on me. I’ve already reviewed/featured this before, but here it is on me below again. It might be replacing my Chanel Waikiki for HG (holy grail) status.

Also check it out on Tali at The Gloss Goss here to see how it looks on a different skintone. It’s gorgeous on her!

9. Chanel Caprice Blush – This came out years ago in the US and is by far the prettiest pink blush I have ever seen. I was really sad that it was discontinued but luckily I have a back up! It’s like a soft pink version of Chanel Rose Bronze/Armani Blush #10 without the bronzey looking finish that these have sometimes. There’s no dupe for this that I know of and I’ve searched hi and lo through almost every high-end brand. No luck.

10. Chanel UV Essential – For the past week, I’ve been using this on top of my moisturizer, underneath foundation as a primer. It’s very liquid and has a thin texture so a little goes a long way. The recommended use is to apply it as the last step of your daily skincare regimen. It works really well for me to make my makeup last all day.

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  • *fans self* i've been eyeing sel for a while. Your picture is just gorgeous!

  • Ooh, lovely favorites list!

  • Lovely picks Sabrina!! How have you been? Hope you got some downtime this weekend.. πŸ™‚
    Here are my current favs:
    1. MAC Warm Soul mineralize blush
    2. Jouer Tiare cream highlighter
    3. Edward Bess Island Rose compact rouge
    4. Urban Decay Rockstar eyeliner
    5. Paul and Joe lip lacquer #6, #10
    6. MAC Smoke and diamonds eyeshadow
    7. MAC Shell Pearl beauty powder

  • such a lovely list! I especially love Gardenia. Do you think it is LE? cuz I can't get near a Neiman's until May πŸ™

  • Lovely item hun they all look gorgeous x

  • Thanks for sharin!
    I absolutely love everything in your list!

    Your photos always turn out gorgeously. May I ask, which camera and setting you use? Also, what kind of lightning?


  • nice list! i love the Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland set, it's so cute!

    btw i've tagged you for some blog awards πŸ™‚ you don't have to do them, but just letting you know!

    http://swtexcape.blogspot.com/2010/03/tagged_21.html <3

  • I love seeing all the pretty makeup together in a group πŸ™‚

  • Wow that P&J Alice in Wonderland set is beyond cute! Loving that Chanel e/s too

  • Eileen

    I've been using Chanel UV Essential SPF 50 for over a week now and love it. I originally thought the price was ridiculous ($52), but I was mollified when I saw what an effective multi-tasking gem it is. It contains antioxidants and skin brightening ingredients to help even out skin tone. It combines chemical and physical sunscreens to create a perfectly transparent SPF 50. It acts as a primer by creating a smooth surface for make-up. Other than the price, what's not to love?

  • Pauline – I don't know if the Gardenia is limited edition or not. Perhaps try ordering online if you can't get to the store?

    Jess – Thank you! I use a Carl Zeiss Sony Cyber-shot 8.1 mega pixels. I have no idea which version it is, but it's about 4 years old. Lighting on the camera is just the flash button. The background is natural light or sometimes a regular 100 watt light bulb. It's pretty low-tech. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing, I just take lots of shots and hope one of them turns out ok.

  • I love everything, i really need to get Chanel Sillage, it's beautiful.. Thanks for sharing xoxNat

  • Glad to hear that sillage is a winner! I had debated getting it because it looks like colors I might already have, but finally did on Saturday and will be trying it out soon! At my Nordstrom they had it in a display along with "Abricot" which was sold out. (I think it is an older shade?) Looked very pretty under those shiny lights in the store! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Sabrina,
    I love when you post this list! Here's mine and in no particular order either:

    1. Spa treatments – I don't know why I waited this long to treat myself. Maybe I had to get over the sticker shock but if I combined the total of my makeup purchases it would surpass the price tag of my body scrub and herbal body wrap. It's a luxury that we take for granted and it's a reminder for me that the glow this imparted on my face after my treatments is well worth the price tag and gas mileage. The spa was across the Bay Bridge and sometimes that's too much driving for me!

    2. Fyrinnae epoxy – it's making me fall back in love with my NARS duos (Hula Hula and Kuala Lumpur)

    3. Chanel Teint Innocence compact foundation – I'm so sad I hit the pan of this bad boy. It is well worth the price tag!

    4. Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush – this plus my MAC blacktrack fluid line is a match made in heaven!

    5. MAC Plushglass – Ample Pink – a nice milky pink that doesn't have any shimmer – blends well on top of MAC Syrup lipstick

    6. My 15 pan palette – it was the only way to get me to use MAC e/s I have neglected, ie. Texture (surprisingly good as a crease for me)

    7. my anorak purchased from H&M during their $15 off blazers/jackets sale.

    8. The Liberty London acrylic drink ware purchased from Target – they were about 2.49/ea – super cute print cherry blossoms on a dark pink background.

    9. The Liberty London/Target dress I bought my daughter – it'll make a lovely spring dress – spaghetti strapped with layers or ruffles. I'll just need to buy her a little cardigan to go with it.

    10. Lastly, the MAC blushes I recently acquired: MSF Two virtues, Prim and Proper and MSF Petticoat (CO store) – I know I cheated but at least all 3 are MAC!


  • The NARS gloss is so pretty! I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland though I wanted to, maybe soon? I love seeing all your luxe makeup together =)

  • Ahcapp


    I just want to say that I love reading your blog! πŸ™‚ I found your blog through Iris's blog. Your blog has become my daily read. Hehe

    Btw I love all the clear and pics of the makeup you posted. ;)) They definately clear a lemming or two.

    I love taupe coloured eyeshadow too. I am not very fair so I try to stay away from pale colours because they will all look white on me! Haha ;p