All-In-One Convenience with Chanel Quadra Eye Shadows

December 19, 2009

Per reader request, I’ve photographed the new Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad next to Demure and Winter Nights for comparison and decided to photograph my entire collection of Chanel quads.

For me, nothing compares to the color palette of Chanel – I usually find that all the shades in each quad coordinate well with each other for a base, crease, liner and highlight. (Exceptions are with the lumieres quads Oasis and Plein Soleil which have a slightly different texture and are more for highlight/contour.) The colors in each quad work perfectly for an all-in-one palette which I find rare in most other pre-made quads. The pigment ranges from medium-light to medium, I like to apply the darker shades with a slightly damp brush. If you like super rich pigment, then these might not be the best option for you. I find Dior Iridescent Quints to be more pigmented, but they have similar intensity to the regular Dior Quints. All of these are the US versions, unfortunately most have been limited edition or discontinued – but check your local Chanel counters, they often still carry some of the older colors until stock sells out. On occasion they will repromote some of the palettes.

Top: 85 Demure, 18 Kaska Beige, 14 Mystic Eyes
Bottom: Dunes, Planetes, 13 Beiges de Chanel

Top: 81 Shimmering Dunes, Spices, 25 Variations
Bottom: Nymphea, 517 Oasis, 527 Plein Soleil

Top: Fascination, Dreams, Golden Eyes
Bottom: Songes, Influences, Winter Nights

Top: 94 Reflets D’Ombre, 16 Murano, Nebuleuses
Bottom: 95 Sparkling Satins, Allegories, Les Divine Mattes

I believe most of these quads have been released in the Asia/Euro/Canada version (ones with the round pans). The only non-US version I have is the White Whisper quad (see photos and swatches here) which was an Asia exclusive, but released through Chanel.com and at select Chanel Beaute Studios and Boutiques. For color releases, I believe Asia gets more colors than we do in the US.

While these are expensive, I do find they last a long time. The most frequently used quad I have is Dunes and does not yet have any dips in it yet. This is by no means an all-comprehensive list of all the quads that have been released – there are quite a few that have been released that I do not own.

What are your favorite Chanel quads? Or are there other brands of quads you like better?

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  • These look lovely but I don't own any Chanel quad, I actually think the quality of Chanel eyeshadows doesn't reflect the price so I have given up on them. (I love Chanel foundations though).
    I buy more singles than palettes, I haven't had a Dior quad in years, I would say my Nars palettes (9947 and Pleasures of Paris) are my current favourites.

  • I'm pretty sure I just passed out and died from staring at these quads. Not a Chanel quad fan, but WOW this collection is worth admiring! Also it's amazing to note that they all don't seem very dupe-y, like each one is unique enough to have!

  • Will you marry me?

  • OMG…OMG…OMG!!!!
    you have a great collection…

  • SO SAD tha these don't work on me. They look great for about 30 minutes and then start fading and looking muddy. πŸ™

  • Hey Sabrina! That's a beautiful collection! πŸ™‚ I have the Winter Nights and Reflets d'ombre quads and I LOVE them to bits!! Winter nights may be my most favorite quad of all time… πŸ™‚ I love the texture and feel of these shadows– they may not be super pigmented but they blend so well and the finely milled texture gives a great finish. I also find that the highlight colors from these quads are so flattering.. they give a glow without looking chalky on my deep (MAC NC43) skin 'cos I hate having a frosty highlight!
    I have been trying to find dupes for the taupey pink shade from the Winter nights quad and have never quite found one– its such a unique and gorgeous shade. I find NARS Aigle Noir soft-touch eye shadow pencil to be a good (but less pigmented) dupe for the gorgeous blackish green from the winter nights quad!!
    Kaska Beige looks like a must try for me…
    Hope you are all done with finals and get to enjoy the holidays! πŸ™‚

  • I am a fan of the cargo quads. mostly cause these have many that are very similar, where i find the cargo ones are all quite diffrent so you dont feel compelled to buy a million of the same thing

  • Eileen

    You are beyond wonderful! Your beautiful product photos and swatches make this one of the best beauty blogs out there. I'm a Chanel gal so I really appreciate the time and trouble you took to photograph your collection. It's great being able to see the various quads side-by-side. Thank you!

  • OH MY GOD. I think I'm in love. And I'm seriously jealous of your collection! I have a few of the Chanel quads, but my collection seems pretty boring in comparison! Great photos! πŸ™‚

  • Amazing photographs–thank you for posting! What a wonderful reference, and they look so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    HOLY SMOKE! What a collection! You have such fine taste Lina. Thank you so much for doing this, I almost peed in my pants lol. I already have Reflets D'Ombre, Nymphea and Spices, also few other duos and singles. In the picture, Spices look warmer than Kaska Beige, what's is your opinion? I missed out on Beiges de Chanel, should I add Kaska Beige to my humble collection? TIA Lina.

  • I have a few Chanel quads, but to be honest, I much prefer my Dior quints to them. I own about 25-30 Dior quints, they are all so lovely. The Chanel quads are mostly beige/neutral as well, or quite dark, Dior has a lot more colours imo.

  • That thud you just heard was me fainting! πŸ™‚

    Kaska Beige looks very beautiful.

  • I wish the texture was a bit softer – like their singles. And there is always ONE shade I never use! That said – I love these quads and have way too many. Your collection is incredible – they look like artwork! thanks for sharing this – it helps to have a better comparison than the chanel site!

  • Sarita

    Wow, I love looking at your collection. I have a pretty nice Chanel Quad collection as well but very few of the newer ones other than Mystics which is one of my favorites. I also love Variations and it does have some dents. I really love Chanel's more neutral palettes.

  • Thank you very much for your quick response. Your comparison pics are so helpful! Now I can see Demure is more pinkish and neutral, whereas Kasha Beige is plummy beige(swatches were totally off on nordstrom website..). They are so pretty and I think I'll have to buy both πŸ™‚

    I've been using Estee Lauder, MAC and Clarins eye shadows, but after I see these beautiful pictures, I may convert to Chanel! I'm supposed to visit Asia next year, so I'll make sure to hit Chanel counters whenever possible. Thank you again and I hope you will have a beautiful weekend & Christmas!

  • ohmygoodness!there are at least 10 that i've fallen truly madly in <3 with. i've never really gven chanel quds much notice before but you're so right the colour combos are perfect and i love warm colours.

    i don't know whether it's a myth then that chanel quad shadows aren't very pigmented and/or don't last long on, i think you have explained in the post though that some quads contan more wash colours, like some YSL palettes which are summer editions.

    in terms of longevity lunasol (great for combating greasy eyelid syndrome!) and YSL shadows stay on for yonks w/o any need for primer! then it's nars duos. all three are my holy grail.

  • i am with Musing on Beauty about Chanel's eye shadows quality vs. its price. however, unlike her, i have been a victim too many times and that i have come to the conclusion that i should stay away from them.

    your collection is amazing nonetheless. but they seem to be many similar colours… Oh well, who am i to judge? wait till you see the amount of purple and blue eye shadows. *_*

    chanel should hide you as a spokesperson! πŸ™‚

  • that is a seriously impressive collection you got going on over there!! I can't say the the quality lives up to the price but they're still very pretty to look at. That being said, I was quite fond of Sparkling satins!

  • Anonymous

    I've also been burned by Chanel shadows, but really like the softness of White Whisper. Gorgeous collection!

  • I sooo need the Kaska quad! I'm in Europe tho so I guess I'll be looking for the round-pan variety? Which is considered better quality? If the US quad is better I need to get crafty about smuggling one here! πŸ™‚
    Awesome pictures, awesome comparisons! Thank you for sharing!

  • I love the 94 Reflets D'Ombre and 13 Beiges de Chanel looks so versatile! Never seen Allegories in Asia, perhaps I've missed its launch?

  • Andrea

    Does anyong know if the Variations quad is LE?

  • Hi ladies, I'm so sorry I haven't responded to your comments!

    Laskmi – I also love that shade in Winter Nights and have been searching for a dupe to no avail. I just got Nars Aigle Noir – I need to try it out though, I've used it once and forgot what it looked like on.

    Anonymous, Spices is warmer than Kaska Beige because Spices has more golden/warmer tones, but Kaska Beige is still warm on me. It's just darker and more brown. Beiges de Chanel is just ok IMHO, I like Kaska Beige a lot better.

    Anitacska – 25-30 dior quints?! That's INCREDIBLE!!! I wish I had gotten into dior sooner. By the time I did, many of the quints were discontinued. I love Dior as well and agree they are more dramatic and have more color, but I'm a neutral freak.

    Andrea – I don't believe Variations is LE, but Chanel has been known to discontinue shades without notice. If it's not on the Chanel website, chances are it's d/c – but you should be able to find this at Nordstrom, Saks, Neimans, Bloomies etc.

  • I am new to your blog and drooling over your Chanel quads..I have 5 quads so far and my list is growing.I used to be more into Dior,but swapped all my Dior (but 2,Incognito&Beige Massai) in favor of Chanel. Dior seems to be getting too frosty for me. Love,love,love your blog!

  • Thanks so much for doing this! I've spent hours looking online for a place to compare Chanel quads like this. Thank you thank you!

  • I keep coming back here for the Chanel quads reference. What do you think of Nebuleuses quad? I could not find any info about it. Do you like it at all? πŸ™‚

  • jz

    Wow, just came across your amazing collection. My favorite quad of all time was Influences – which I can no longer find, even on eBay. Since you own it, have you come across any other, newer Chanel quads that you think come close?

    Also, I really didn't like the way Nymphea looked on me and just got gifted Lilium. Are those sufficiently different in your opinion?

    Congrats on the truly impressive collection. πŸ™‚

  • Lillium is lovely. The combination of colors is perfect for me and is my HG. I like neutrals but I love color more. I'm looking to get Reflets next. I used to use Dior in the past but have found their formulas inconsistent and too frosty. Chanel shadows are buttery and apply and blend better and easier than Dior or MAC. Love that collection of yours; made me gasp for air for a moment-such beauty on display!