Paul & Joe Pearl Powders

November 20, 2009

The Paul & Joe mania continues with pearl powders. These are loose eyeshadow powders. They all contain finely milled shimmer, the holiday colors have a silver micro-glitter sparkle that is very subtle but still visible. Compared to MAC Pigments, the pigment is a bit softer and not as frosty and the texture is a bit more powdery/light feeling.

01 Secret of Gold, 03 Silhouette, 04 Afterglow, 001 Smoke Black, 002 Smoke Brown

* 001 and 002 are from the holiday 2009 collection & are limited edition

* Number 02 Blaze is from a sample.

For comparisons and swatches to other brands/colors, check out these past Paul & Joe features:

* Swatches of 01, 02, 03
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* 01 Secret of Gold comparisons
Color Focus: Neutral Sparkle & Glow
Dior Beige Print Comparisons

* 03 Silhouette comparisons
Color Focus: Taupe Eyeshadows
(taupe lovers be warned, this is picture heavy – not for the faint of heart)

* 04 Afterglow
More Paul & Joe Beauty

* 001 & 002 Holiday comparisons/swatches
First Look at Paul & Joe Holiday from Guest Writer Joey
Paul & Joe Holiday 2009

All pearl powders were purchased from Bergdorf Goodman with the exception of Afterglow 04 which was bought from dermstore.com.

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  • These powders look so good! Are they also multipurpose like MAC pigments?

  • Hi Yarisse, yes, I believe they are multi-purpose. Have you looked at the paul & joe website? It's really cute and they have descriptions for all their items:


  • I have been trying NOT to buy these and save some money (which is going badly by the way.. mostly your fault due to the amazingly accurate swatches) and now i just have to get one. At lEAST one.. because they are farrr too pretty not to buy and play with!!

  • Thank you, Lina. I will check their website.

  • Those are gorgeous! I particularly like the soft black 001… might have to put that on my list for this Christmas. I love the look of 03 as well – can you compare it to MAC Cocomotion?

  • these are so pretty! you take excellent swatch photos! how do you do it?

    btw i just wanted to let you know that i love your blog, it has crawled up into my top 5 faves :o)

  • three is my absolute favorite!