Paul & Joe Nail Enamels

November 24, 2009

Photos and swatches the nail polishes, 3 coats each swatch:

01 Secret of Gold (pale champagne base with micro silver glitter)
02 Heirloom (sparkley gold base with micro glitter)
03 Lampshade (opalescent shimmer)
04 Provence (more mauvey-nude pink shimmer)
05 Teacup (nude pink cream)

* Please note, the flash either washed these colors out or made them all look the same. They are all similar, but the difference is in the undertone.

10 Poodle
11 Goldfish
12 Matinee
13 Theatre Lights
14 Strawberry Glace

18 Nouveau
20 Manhattan
27 Gilded
29 Toujours

They have a different scent than most nail polishes – almost a powdery/floral scent. My top three picks would be 02 Heirloom (sheer champagne gold with sparkles), 10 Poodle (cotton candy pink with a slight iridescence) and 20 Manhattan (pretty sparkling gunmetal).

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  • 02 and 27 are my faves! Stunning shads all of them. Thanks for doing the swatches!!

  • thanks for all the swatches!! #27 ad #29 looks very tempting πŸ˜›

    wow they didn't let you use your past receipt as stamp points? i was able to do it the first time but haven't tried lately

  • The Gold is very pretty.

  • Wow! i really looved them all but specially No 18,20,27,29
    they look amazing

  • Gorgeous – fab pics too. My favs are secret of gold, poodle, theatre lights, nouveau, manhattan and gilded (oh dear!). though the first set look perhaps a bit similar and wishy washy?


  • NICE!!! all of them looked gorgeous!

  • Beautiful post! #29 looks in a similar color story as Chanel Rose Jade perhaps. I love the Strawberry one, although lately I'm drawn to reds. Thank you again!

  • Hi girls – #1 to #4 are indeed very similar in the swatch photo. The difference is slight, but you can see it better in the bottles. The difference is in the undertone.

    #1 (champagne base) and #2 (gold base) both have tiny microglitters.

    #3 is an iridescent opal color.

    #4 is more mauvey-pink.

    #5 is a nude-pink cream.

    Mona – I asked Hettie if she would qualify the past purchases. She called their account rep and said they would only qualify purchases from the time you signed up for the club card. A bit disappointing since none of them bothered to mention it to me in the past, but not a big deal – they have been generous with GWPs, so I'm not complaining.

  • Just lovely! Thanks so much for reviewing the Paul & Joe line – you are totally making me crave it and sadly I can't purchase any product in person here in SF. I'll just have to wait when I'm in NYC after Xmas. It'll be a very BIG shopping day!

  • Hi Lina! This is Supergirl84 from MUA – love the swatches! I started my own blog so I hope you'll check it out someday.

    Btw – what are your thoughts on P&J foundation? I've heard really good things about them but are there any that would be really good on oily skin? TIA!

  • Sooshi,

    If you're oily, I'd say go for the Powder foundation – the rest would not be so good, trust me, as they're all pretty moisturizing. *Maybe* the cream-to-powder foundation if you're not too oily.

    (Joeybunny on MUA)

  • Hi Lexi – they aren't in SF? They aren't really near to me either. If you ever get to LA, they have locations there.

    Sooshi! Yay you started a blog πŸ™‚ I'm going to check it out right now. I saw your profile says you're in LA – are you near Brea? I would check out The Primping Parleur if you can. They have 20% for friends/family and an event on December 5th featuring their national artist. Check out their website.

    It would be a good place to check out their foundations. I am new to their foundation line, but have tried the Light Cream (which is creamier) and Moisturizing Compact (also creamier).

    If you make it to The Primping Parleur, tell them Sabrina sent you πŸ™‚

  • mehhh, I'm in DC For law school now so I have to order all my fun makeup goodies online! thanks for the feedback! πŸ™‚ I LOVE your l/g and n/p collection.

  • Wow, these are positively beautiful! I'm putting 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 20 and 27 on my list hehehe.

  • Cool – I am planning a SoCAL visit soon. Don't think my husband will like my Paul and Joe hunt while down there haha.

    If I do order anything, I'll just play it safe by ordering an e/s and the Manhattan nailpolish (my new obsession!)

  • ah love! i want me some lampshade and toujours! how do you make up your mind with all of these colors?

  • Thank you for your swatches! I've een wanting to get a few polishes from P&J but noone really has swatches online except you so thank you again!

    I love all your top picks too~ <3

  • These are so pretty! My favourites would have to be Toujours, Goldfish and Matinee, which looks like a polish version of NARS Orgasm =)