Color Focus: Rosy Pinks for Lips and Nails

November 15, 2009

I will admit that I tend to associate rosy pinks more with spring or summer, but I feel that rosy pink lips can pretty much be worn year round. For lips, I tend to lean more towards more natural pinks since I already have a lot of pink in my natural lip tone, so these won’t be the rosiest pinks that are out there.

Rosy Pink Lipglosses:

1. MAC Sweet Strawberry Lipglass
2. MAC Bingo! Plushglass
3. MAC Creme Anglaise Cremesheen Glass
4. Le Metier Siena Lip Creme (GWP)
5. Becca Rosita Lip Gloss
6. Nars Stella Lip Gloss
7. Paul & Joe Limited Edition 001 Lip Gloss
8. Chanel Imaginaire Glossimer
9. Edward Bess Love Always

Swatches, same order:


Rosy Pink Lipsticks:

1. Chanel Ischia #96 Aqualumiere
2. Chanel Tasmania #99 Aqualumiere
3. Bobbi Brown Ruffle Metallic Lip Color
4. Le Metier de Beaute Cannes
5. MAC Strawbaby Lipstick (Fafi label came off)
6. MAC Party Mate
7. MAC Skew

(The swatches didn’t turn out so well, I might try again later)


Nail Polishes:

1. OPI California Raspberry
2. Essie Very Cranberry
3. OPI Grand Central Carnation
4. Dolce & Gabbana Rose (received as a GWP, but part of the regular D&G line)
5. Paul & Joe #13

For the swatches, the order is:

1. Thumb = Paul & Joe #13
2. Index = Dolce & Gabbana Rose
3. Middle = OPI Grand Central Carnation
4. Ring = Essie Very Cranberry
5. Pinkie = OPI California Raspberry

My blush collection has a lot of nude pinks, hot pinks, dusty pinks, peachy-pinks. I don’t have very many rosy-pink colors for cheeks other than my Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pot Rouge. Hence, no focus on the cheeks. I definitely do not have any rosy pink eyeshadows.

Would love to hear what your favorite rosy pink colors are!

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  • Oh, i love pinks and reds for Spring too! I don't have any rosy pink stuff for now, but after seeing your swatches, I might get some rosy pink nail polishes πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Oohh nice post! I'll try and do a post on it, I don't have many but I'll do what I can… and when I've posted, I'll let you know.

    I have to admit, Paul & Joe attracts me, unfortunately unavailable here in Australia… =( hence I haven't been able to try this brand!!


  • what a pretty sweet looking collection!
    i wanna get them all too! hehe
    my current fav lipgloss nars-pillowtalk & dior-cotton petal..i used to fig lancome hehe

    i have yet to try chanel & MAC range..maybe one fine day..luving japanese makeup

  • Woooow! So many lipglosses and I love the colors too. My favorites are no 4 Le Metier Siena Lip Creme and no7 Paul & Joe Limited Edition 001 Lip Gloss. They look beautiful.

  • What a beautiful collection! I think my favorite rosy-pinks are LM Rose Bloom blush for cheeks, MAC Fanfare and LM Rosewater for lips and … I don't think I have any rosy-pink nail polishes. I really want P&J #13 now though!

  • Great colours, I love rosy pinks and reds – very romantic. Mac Strawbaby is such a lovely lipstick, I do wish they'd make it perm.

  • Ugh I love the look of that Edward Bess gloss!

  • Anonymous

    2010 is about grungy glamour, effortless feminine chic and biker babes.
    So because my wardrobe is mainly black, cream and grey I,m looking at adding some colour to my lips and bling to my nails with
    Chanel Rouge lippy and Rococo Nail Apparel Dollar and Black Pearl .
    I have not purchased by the way because there is a waiting list for Rococo but cant wait for my new look.
    Please let me know anyone if you are able to get your mitts on these?