Chanel White Whisper Quadra Eyeshadow & Blanc Petale Nail Colour

August 25, 2009

I just received two of the items from the Symphonie Blanche de Chanel Collection, White Whisper Quadra Eyeshadow & Blanc Petale Nail Colour from Chanel.com. I have the Fleurs face highlighting powder coming in the mail at the end of this week, but couldn’t wait to upload pics of these two items.

Check just a couple posts down for the promotional info about the collection or click Chanel Symphonie Blanche de Chanel Collection for more details. It looks like the palette is out of stock on the Chanel website, but check Neimanmarcus.com, select Chanel Boutiques like the ones in NY, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Chanel Beauty Studios like the ones at South Coast Plaza Bloomingdales.

Blanc Petale is described as a crisp white which I feel is accurate. It has a slight pearl finish but still shows up a pure white. I’ve swatched it next to White Satin which was limited edition Spring 2008. I’m a bit undecided about this since it’s such a bright white – I’m not sure whether it will be more for a mani or pedi.

Two views, this one shows the difference better in the nail swatch:

This one shows the difference in color in the actual bottles:

White Whisper Quadra Eyeshadow is described as having silver pink, pearly white, light gold, dark silver shades. I agree with all the shade descriptions, except the “dark silver” is more like a satin charcoal shade. It’s more on the matte side, but not fully matte.

I really like the pigmentation and the colors in this quad are stunning. Please pardon the blurry swatches, it was hard to photograph the swatches without all the shades looking exactly the same.

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  • The polishes and the quad are so pretty! I absolutely envy you, there's no chance of me getting anything Chanel, LOL.
    Come take a ride on my makeup train! πŸ™‚

  • The palette looks like an exact dupe of Sparkling Satins, maybe without the extra sparkle? That's kinda disapointing, that they can't come up with anything new. Clean white nail polish would be interesting.

  • Pretty nail polishes! I'm loving a bit of white polish right now πŸ™‚

  • Hi I was wondering how many coats of Blanc Petals you had to use to get the white to show up? Thanks!

  • May I ask how the eye shadows showed up on your eyes? Did the three light shades all look alike? I'm so tempted…Again, thanks for posting. You seem to be one step ahead of me and my lemmings- or maybe I can just blame you for creating them? πŸ™‚

  • Vanity – the new quad seems quite different from Sparkling Satins to me, but I have the US version. I do see similarities in that they are both on the frosty side and three shades in each quad go on very similar, I'll compare the two and get back to you!

    Ilovebacon – love your screen name πŸ™‚ I used three coats of the Blanc Petale Nail Polish – mainly b/c I cannot apply nail polish to save my life. Everything I apply ends up streaky looking. I think two coats applied with a steadier hand (or professional) would achieve the same effect/level of pigmentation.

    Lisa – all three shades do look very similar on the eyes. The swatches were very difficult to photograph though, in real life you can see that the pink is definitely pink and the gold is definitely gold. They are all very light though.

    HTH some!