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EM Cosmetics Masterpiece Collection

February 3, 2022

EM Cosmetics Masterpiece Collection Review

The most beautiful makeup collection of my dreams has launched from EM Cosmetics with their new Masterpiece Collection! Everything is absolutely stunning and I highly recommend checking it out. I haven’t been this excited about a new makeup launch in quite a long time. You can find each piece available at EM Cosmetics.

In this collection:

Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette

EM Cosmetics Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette

The Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palettes have a beautiful texture, amazing pigment, and ultra smooth texture that is layerable and easy to blend.

Rodin is like the palette of my dreams! It’s a neutral palette with a slight hint of warmth to make it super wearable with shimmers and mattes. It has a Tom Ford Nude Dip kind of vibe but with more warmth, variation and contrast between the shades for a complete eye look (while the Tom Ford shades are cooler toned and a bit more frosty). Their online swatches are very good on different skin tones so definitely check those out! It has a neutral champagne gold, a sparkling champagne opal kind of color, shimmery bronze taupe, matte fawn, matte warm cocoa and matte deeper brown.

Da Vinci is the darker variation with three shimmers in a pale shimmery peachy copper, an olive gold shimmer, copper shimmer, terracotta brown orange matte, warm matte brown, and a deep matte brown.

EM Cosmetics Divine Skies Eyeshadow Swatches

Heaven’s Glow Radiant Veil Blush

EM Cosmetics Heaven's Glow Blushes in Baroque and Rococo

The Heaven’s Glow Radiant Veil Blush is a unique blush that has a beautiful subtle glow. Baroque is a light pale neutral with a hint of pink and beige. It’s hard to see on camera but it does show up as a very subtle pale neutral glow on the skin. In the summertime I think it will make for a beautiful subtle highlight on my skintone.

Rococo is a stunning medium-deeper neutral shade. It’s a glowing mauve brown neutral with a subtle pearl.

EM Cosmetics Heaven's Glow Blushes in Baroque and Rococo swatches

Lip Cushion Tinted Lip Luminizer

EM Cosmetics Tinted Lip Cushions

Last but not least there are two new shades of the Lip Cushion Tinted Lip Luminizer. This is one of my favorite lip formulas for a creamy tinted wash of color. They’re ultra pigmented, have a twist click up applicator and have good hydration. Mona Lisa is a neutral-cool beige and Van Gogh is a terracotta rose.

A few of you asked how this compares to the Tarte Maracuja Lip Balms. I love both formulas for a tinted lip balm. The EM Cosmetics formula is creamier/thicker and more opaque. Tarte’s formula is glossier with a more translucent quality so it looks glossier on the lips.

EM Cosmetics Tinted Lip Cushions swatches

Two looks, Look 1 with the lighter set:

EM Cosmetics Masterpiece Baroque, Rodin, Mona Lisa

EM Cosmetics Masterpiece Baroque, Rodin, Mona Lisa Look

Look 2 with the deeper set has the same base products, wearing it with the Heaven’s Glow Blush in Rococo, Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette in Da Vinci and Lip Cushion in Van Gogh.

EM Cosmetics Masterpiece Neutral Look Rococo, Da Vinci and Van Gogh

EM Cosmetics Masterpiece Collection Review

I love every piece of the collection. If you’re a neutral makeup lover like me I think you’ll love these too. It’s a nice change from the warm red and orange tones that are super popular these days.

Available online at EM Cosmetics.

Masterpiece collection provided for review.

EM Cosmetics

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush + Multi FacePlay Sticks

August 10, 2021

EM Cosmetics So Soft Collection Review and Swatches

EM Cosmetics just launched their new So Soft Collection with cream twist up sticks for blush, bronzer and contour. I have a look at all the shades of So Soft Blush ($30 each) + and So Soft Multi Faceplay ($30 each). Available online at EM Cosmetics.

Both formulas have a soft super soft creamy texture in a twist up format. They’re creamy with a satin texture and have a skin like finish. Pigment is medium to sheer and easy to blend out. Once they set on the skin they have a very subtle minimal glow so they’re not too emollient but at the same time they’re not powdery in the dry down.

So Soft Blush

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush

The So Soft Blush sticks are available in six colors, all are creams without shimmer:

  • Baby is a pale pink
  • Lychee is a soft melon
  • Pearl Tea is a neutral tan brown nude
  • Venetian Rose is a rose
  • Passion is an orange shade
  • Bitten is a plum berry


EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush swatches

Below wearing a few of the colors on the face, for my skin tone Baby is a bit too pale, but I can make it work. My favorites are Lychee and Pearl Tea. Also wearing the EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion in Magic Hour with Baby and Lychee. Pearl Tea blush on cheeks and lips. With the Passion Blush I’m wearing the Lip Cushion in Faded Clementine.

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush in Baby

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush Lychee

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush Pearl Tea

EM Cosmetics So Soft Blush Passion

So Soft Multi Faceplay

EM So Soft Multi Faceplay Sticks

The So Soft Multi Faceplay sticks are truly multi-taskers. You can use these as a bronzer or contour and the color range includes two very deep tones. I tried the lightest Summer on my face and it works perfectly to warm up my medium tan complexion.

  • Summer is a caramel brown
  • Terra is a cool brown (similar to Westman Atelier Biscuit)
  • Nomadic is a warm deep brown
  • Pangea is a deep cocoa brown

Swatches next to Westman Atelier Face Trace Cream Contour and Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream (review here).

EM So Soft Multi Faceplay Sticks swatches

Below wearing Summer.

EM So Soft Multi Faceplay Stick Summer

Lasting power is pretty good for a cream product although if you have oily skin you may need to layer on a matching powder blush shade on top to make it set or last a bit longer. Pigment overall blends out to a very natural finish but you can layer for more color.

I’m still a powder blush person at heart but I do really like the formula of the So Soft sticks. In case you missed the previous roundup you can see my EM Cosmetics overview + review of other products here.

EM So Soft Multi Faceplay Stick

You can find these out now at EM Cosmetics. Have you tried these yet? What kind of blush do you prefer? Cream or powder?

EM So Soft Collection provided for review.

EM Cosmetics

EM Cosmetics Review + Swatches

November 30, 2020

EM Cosmetics Review + Swatches

By popular request I have an overview of EM Cosmetics today! Several of you have expressed interest in seeing swatches and a review of the products created in Michelle Phan’s line and I have a look at a little of everything.

Eyeshadow Palettes

There are two colors of the Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette ($38 each) in Magic Hour and Faded Clementine. These come in 6-pan mirrored compacts with a mix of mattes and shimmers. The pigment in each palette is beautiful. The mattes have a velvety powder finish that are easy to blend. Shimmers have a pretty multi-dimensional finish that is smooth and soft.

Magic Hour has a mix of softer pinks, tans, shimmery pearls and pink-gold tones. This one is my favorite of the two.

EM Cosmetics Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette Magic Hour

Faded Clementine looks like a sunset. It has a mix of tangerine, plum, berry and peach. It looks intense but is surprisingly wearable even for my neutral-loving self. It does take some layering and blending, but it is pretty!

EM Cosmetics Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette Faded Clementine

Swatches below:

EM Cosmetics Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palette

Eye Makeup Basics

EM Cosmetics Eye Makeup

I tried three of the EM Cosmetics eye basics. These are no-fuss easy to use staples. The Pick Me Up Volume + Length Mascara ($24) is a lengthening mascara in a tubing formula (takes a few uses to get it going). I loved that it did not smudge on me and adds serious length, but it does not always hold the curl.

The Flexibrow Clear Brow Gel ($20) is a nice clear brow gel to hold the brows in place.

The Illustrative Liquid Eyeliner ($32) comes in two shades, Black and Brown. I tried the Brush tip version and LOVE it (I actually prefer this format in general). It has a glossy finish that dries quickly and is completely smudge-proof. I highly recommend it.

You can also find all three in one of their Holiday Cozy Essentials Set ($50) which comes at a value price in a cute pink bag.


EM Cosmetics Cheek Products Blush

For cheeks there are two shades of Heaven’s Glow Radiant Veil Blush ($34). This is a powder formula with a soft luminous glow. Magic Hour is a soft rose and Faded Clementine is a tangerine. I think both are easy to wear with good lasting power.

The Color Drops Serum Blush ($25) is a liquid serum formula with a sheer dewy finish. Venetian Rose is a mauve rose that is easy to blend and layer. Lasting power is pretty good for a liquid product. It comes with a dropper applicator and gives a glowy dewy look. (I’m ordering Pink Nectar today!).

EM Cosmetics Heavens Glow Blush Swatches


EM Cosmetics Daydream Cushion Foundation

The Daydream Cushion Foundation ($48) is one of the best cushions I’ve tried. It has SPF50 and is available in six shades. I am in between shades of Sweet Secret and Summer Hue – if I mix them I get my exact match. I love this formula because it’s not overly dewy or too luminous. It has perfect flawless natural coverage that melts into the skin. Lasting power is really good when set with a powder. It covers uneven areas without looking cakey or heavy. This is a solid A+ formula-wise. I hope they expand the color range!

EM Cosmetics Daydream Cushion Foundation swatches

Lip Gloss

EM Cosmetics Lip Glosses

The lip products are the stand outs for me. They have a nice everyday kind of clear gloss called Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss. For color the True Gloss formula ($20 each) is a unique almost whipped kind of cushiony gloss with a plumping effect. Color has a watercolor wash effect on the lips.

Lip Cushion

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushions

I’ve saved the best for last because I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the Lip Cushion Tinted Lip Luminizers ($22) and Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liners ($19). It’s rare that I will say anything is a MUST try because of dupes or similar options, but I think both of these are musts.

Every single color of Lip Cushion is beautiful and wearable. They’re luminous, hydrating and give the lips a lush look. Magic Hour is my favorite for that perfect peachy pink. Lasting power isn’t going to be long because it’s a glossy kind of product, but it’s one I don’t mind reapplying.

Venetian Rose is a soft mauve, Angele is a bright flattering pink, Mystic is a pretty plum, Faded Clementine is an orange but a wearable orange. They are all creams (as in no shimmer). Below also wearing:

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion Magic Hour

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion Venetian Rose

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion Angele

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion Mystic

Faded Clementine Blush + Lip Cushion below

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion Faded Clementine

Lip Liner

EM Cosmetics Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner

Finally we have a look at the Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner ($19) which is the best lip liner formula I’ve ever tried. It’s opaque but glides onto the lips flawlessly – there is absolutely no feathering or tugging and I think every single color is wearable.

EM Cosmetics Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner swatches

EM Cosmetics Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner Bunny and Kitten

EM Cosmetics Overview | The Beauty Lookbook

That wraps up my EM Cosmetics overview! I hope you found this helpful. They have some good bundles available at some discounted prices if you’re shopping multiple items.

You can find everything online available at EM Cosmetics. Have you tried anything from the line? What did you think?

Most EM Cosmetics products featured provided for review. Venetian Rose Lip Cushion and Summer Hue Daydream Cushion purchased by me.