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Paul & Joe Eye Glosses: Celestial, Halo & Murmur

July 1, 2010
I’ve been eyeing the Paul & Joe Eye Glosses for over a year and finally decided to purchase them to try them out. Another lemming-inspired purchase influenced by bloggers I adore and trust. I am a skeptic by nature and for me reviews are sometimes hard to decipher. We all have different tastes, opinions, and preferences, so what works for some might not be my cup of tea. I don’t have immediate access to Paul & Joe in person, so these reviews gave me a good idea of what to expect. Each have their own unique style, but there are multiple items they’ve reviewed on occasion that I love, so I found their perspective and descriptions extremely helpful. Check out their reviews:
  • Lotus Palace’s review of Halo 04 + eye swatch here
  • Josie’s review of Celestial 01 and Murmur 05 + swatches here
  • Gaia’s review of Moonlight 03 and Murmur 05 + swatches here
  • Tali’s review of Celestial 01 + eye swatch here
The Eye Glosses retail for $24 each and come in a tube with a sponge tipped application with a whipped gel type of formula. My picks from Beautyhabit (online) & Bergdorfs (instore) in 01 Celestial (sparkling pale gold), 04 Halo (light frosted cool pink), and 05 Murmur (shimmering grey-taupe) are shown below:

The first one I played with was Murmur 05, a shimmering grey-taupe. It took some experimenting before I could get the application right. My first tries left me with either a finish that was too sheer or lop-sided (because they dry pretty fast). I found this one works best when applied in light layers. They dry and set pretty fast once brushed onto the eyelid, so I had to use my cream eyeshadow brush to apply in quick strokes blending fast. I like this one just by itself with mascara.

Next, I tried Celestial 01, a super sparkly pale gold. When it comes to shimmer, we all have our own personal preference for how much shimmer we feel comfortable with. I have to say this one is a lovely shade of pale gold, but the sparkle factor is extremely intense! Gaia from The Non-Blonde described it perfectly when she says it’s more for date night. We have similar tastes in brands and products, just typically pick colors on different ends of the spectrum. I’m all about shimmer, but I’m pushing 30 and this seems a bit over the top for conservative-me. It’s borderline glittery. Gorgeous, but it’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

Halo 04 was the last one I tried out, a cool pale pink shimmer. It’s sparkly as well, but the finish is less glittery than Celestial. This one blends to a lovely pink shimmer wash.

So the verdict – I like the packaging and the lasting power. They dry fast, but once they are set, they stay put. Murmur is lovely when layered properly on the eye and is subtle enough for everyday wear. Halo and Celestial are a few notches up in the shimmer factor. I think these are better suited for going out. I could possibly wear Halo (the pink one) for every day, but only when applied with a light hand.

If you’ve tried these – what are your thoughts? Are there any other colors you feel are must-haves or must-try-outs? If you’ve reviewed it feel free to link in the comments below 🙂

Or if you have any suggestions on what you coordinate with these I’m all ears!


Paul & Joe Summer Creation 2010: Sahara Collection

June 3, 2010
Have any of you checked out the new Summer Sahara Collection from Paul & Joe yet? The standout for me is the lovely packaging in a turquoise, cream, orange and brown colored floral almost fan-like print. I had ordered a few lipsticks from BG during their last GWP event but at that time they didn’t have the nail polishes in. I recently saw that Beautyhabit was also doing a promotion and was ecstatic to find they received the nail polishes just last week. I haven’t been able to see the entire line in person yet (hopefully soon). But here are my picks plus the gifts from both Bergdorfs and Beautyhabit. My gloss and lipliner picks from the summer release was reviewed a few days ago here.

Lipstick S in Caravan 001 (sheer light pink shimmer)
Lipstick S in Morocco 003 (sheer bronzey pink brown)

Nail Enamel in Marrakesh 004 (coral-red with gold shimmer)
Nail Enamel in Mirage 005 (shimmery beige gold with silver sparkles)

The Gift With Purchase Makeup Bags
(Left from Beautyhabit, Right from Bergdorfs)

Lipstick Size Comparisons (seasonal v regular)

Nail Polish Comparisons, Close Ups and Swatches

Again, the packaging is the best part of this collection. I’ve only tried the sheer pink lipstick and it has a sheer glossy finish with noticeable shimmer (not frost though). I plan on trying out the bronzey one in the next few days. I absolutely love the Mirage 005 Nail Polish. It’s similar to P&J Gilded 27 except the new Mirage 005 is more beigey. The coral Marrakesh 004 Nail Polish is lovely too, but I’m not used to coral-orangey reds. Perhaps it will look better on the toes.