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Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

July 30, 2010

I’m normally a gel-liner type of girl because I find it easier to get an even line along my upper lashes with a fine-tipped brush (Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner brush is my favorite). However I also love the twist-up pencils that don’t require any sharpening. Chanel has one called Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($28) in a variety of shades. These replaced a formula called Aqua Crayon (can’t remember the exact year these were discontinued). I believe all the shades from the previous formula were discontinued except for the black and brown. The Chanel eyeliners (twist-up style) I own include:

Black Shimmer – dark cool grey (not really black)
Cassis – plum black-brown
Vert Bronze – complex, hard to describe, it has olive, bronze, gold tones
Marine – shimmering navy
Ébène – matte black
Tweed (Aqua Crayon formula) – warm golden taupe

The color strip on the end of the packaging gives you an accurate idea of what you will get on your eyes.

Swatched on bare skin in 3 different light settings. What I love about these is that they really stay put. I only line along the upper lash line though. I can’t do waterline or underneath the eyes. I am like Rachel Green from Friends: extremely challenged when trying to put anything near the eyeball (eye drops included). So I can’t say how well it lasts when applied those ways.

Note that Marine goes on the eyes a bit more subtle than when swatched on the arm. At least on me. If you want a brighter blue, check out Bobbi Brown’s Denim Ink (new from her Denim & Rose collection).

No flash, natural light:

I normally am able to simply line and go. Occasionally I will take a small smudge brush (Laura Mercier’s is my favorite) and smoke it out a bit and re-apply. They normally don’t require blending/smoothing but those who don’t have a super steady hand will find a brush will do the trick.

Although I don’t own all the shades, I have tried every single color. The bright teal green color included. One of the national artists applied it on me and it was so gorgeous. But knowing myself all too well, knew I would never be brave enough to use it on my own.

I’m waiting for a pretty brown shimmer color to be released or a black gold. Their Black Shimmer isn’t really black at all, it’s really more grey.

I cannot swatch compare these to other brands as it is extremely time consuming and tedious. I have already done an extensive smokey eye series that I highly recommend you check out if you want more eyeliner options other than your basic black or brown. There is a black/grey post that will show you how many different variations of black eyeliners there are. Click on the Smokey label on the side bar for those posts. I do ask that you please do not republish those photos even though they haven’t been watermarked. It can be extremely frustrating to put time and effort into something that gets stolen and put on other blogs and websites. All my work is copyrighted.

*Update* if you like these colors but want a gel formula instead I recommend checking out these options:

Black Shimmer – Bobbi Brown Granite or Graphite Shimmer Inks
Cassis – Bobbi Brown Black Plum
Vert Bronze – no dupe!
Marine – Bobbi Brown Denim Ink
Ébène – Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink
Tweed no dupe!

Color Focus: Deep Purple Eye Shadows

September 25, 2009

I love the smokey eye looks that come out for fall but until recently, it seems like most all the lines usually release the typical variations of black and grey for their “smokey look.” I am not one who can pull of black eyeshadow or eyeliner easily because it’s often too harsh or ends up looking blueish on my skin. I have to opt for other deep colors and did a series on Smokey Eye Variations back in June and am so excited that lines are now releasing collections with a “black/smokey” theme that include colors other than just black or grey.

I just discovered 2 new deep purple shimmery eyeshadows from MAC and Dior and thought I’d pull out some of my favorite deep purples to compare.

1. Dior Ultra-Smooth High Impact Eyeshadow in #186 Ultra Violet
2. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Young Punk
3. Laura Mercier Sateen Eyeshadow in Kir Royal
4. MAC Fertile Eyeshadow
5. Giorgio Armani Maestro #18
6. Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow in After Hours
7. Stila Poise

A few other pictures of smokey purples:

1. Bobbi Brown Metallic in After Hours
2. Chanel Magic Night
3. MAC Smut
4. MAC Deep Purple Pigment (Pro)