Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for the Home

December 13, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

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Continuing my Holiday Gift Guide series and rounding up some gift ideas for the home. If you have any favorites to add please let me know. I know everyone’s home decor style is different and unique but here are some gifts I think anyone would love to receive.

My absolute favorite things I’ve ever bought for our home are the Barefoot Dreams blankets. I’ve bought both the Classic Cozy Chic Throw and the Ribbed Option and both are amazing. They are hands down the softest and warmest throws we own. Even our fur babies love them. There is no better cozy feeling than to snuggle up in one on the couch at the end of the day and have some hot chocolate or ice cream while watching a good TV show. I’ve been tempted by one of their cardigans but haven’t tried one yet. Instead I bought two more blankets this season to give as gifts.

Candles are the easiest thing to gift during the holiday season for me. Nest makes the best affordable options and they have seriously strong throw (this trio set is $44). The Nest Holiday candle is lovely this time of year. My personal favorites of course are Diptyque Baies and Cire Trudon Ernesto. If I had to pick 2 scents to burn the rest of my life, those two would be it! Byredo Tree House would be a close third. The Cire Trudon Christmas launches come in the most beautiful holiday jars. They are quite the splurge but hands down THE best of the best.

If burning candles aren’t an option, room sprays or diffusers are good alternatives. I still think candles have more throw with the fragrance lingering longer, but I really like Aesop and Diptyque. Aesop has the cutest States of Being Set with three mini room sprays which I am absolutely obsessed with. We also love the Melodist Set for the home, I think it would make a great gift for anyone.

For mirrors I get so many questions about the Riki Skinny vs Simplehuman options. Even after reading my Favorite Makeup Mirror post, some of you are still undecided. I truly think they are both great brands. My recommendation depends on how important the magnification option is for you. If you find it essential go with the Simplehuman Round options. The magnification detail and clarity is truly phenomenal and extremely good. However this makes it hard to see your entire face at a glance. If you’re more like me and like to see the whole face while doing makeup, then opt for the Riki Skinny or splurge on the Simplehuman Sensor Wide Pro. The angled panels in the wide Simplehuman mirror make things so much easier like doing your brows or contouring the side of your face.

I think fuzzy slippers always make for the cutest gifts. I love the look of these ones from Madewell. Right now I’ve been living in my APL Slides (I own them in so many colors it’s a little embarrassing). They’re so comfortable and perfect for Florida weather but I’m looking for something that covers the whole foot. We’ve had some cold bursts here in the 50s so my toes need something more cozy! If you have any favorites please let me know!

Some more favorites linked below. I think there are so many nice cozy throw options especially this time of year, but the Barefoot Dreams is hands down the best.


A few more gift guides coming soon over the weekend as I know the shipping cutoff deadlines are approaching for Christmas! Will be rounding up some more for ideas and inspiration.

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