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By Terry Baume de Rose Le Stick + Hand Cream, Lash-Expert and Glow-Expert Review

March 6, 2018

By Terry New Launches Baume de Rose Le Stick, Glow-Expert and Lash-Expert Mascara

I picked up a few new items from By Terry and after testing them for a few weeks have found some hits and misses. The latest launches include the Baume de Rose Le Stick, Lash-Expert Twist Brush Double Effect Mascara and new shades of Glow-Expert Duo Stick. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the classic Baume de Rose so I thought I’d do a comparison of all 3 formulas and add some thoughts on the Baume de Rose Hand Cream. To round things up, I also wanted to review swatch one of the older shades of Glow Expert that I’ve had sitting in my stash for a while.

Up first is the new Lash-Expert Twist Brush Mascara ($30 for 8.3 g). This has a unique rubber wand with a twist function on the cap so you can have the tip straight or twisted for different effects.

By Terry Lash-Expert Mascara Review

Straight gives a lengthening effect and twisted gives a volumized effect. For my ultra straight can’t-hold-the-curl wimpy lashes I found the best application was with the straight wand. The twisted wand gave my lashes a very clumpy look. Formula though is quite good with ultra rich black pigment, it’s definitely volumizing and lengthening. I was extremely impressed to find it had zero smudging. The only downside for me is that it simply did not hold the curl. But the fact that it still stayed on all day without smudging makes it a win for me. Some readers have told me they layer their mascaras. I used to do this but found it too high maintenance, I’d rather find one formula that does the trick. With this one, I did like the volume, color and length so I tried layering it over the Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof and the curl stayed!

By Terry Lash-Expert Mascara Review

I have the worst natural lashes ever so I think this will work for most people and it’s worth looking into.

Next are the Glow-Expert Duo Sticks ($48 for 7.3 g) in Amber Light #1 and Beach Glow #5. I think these are both hit and miss. These each have two colors in one stick so you can highlight and contour. The formula is creamy with the most beautiful smooth pearl finish. Even though it feels slightly emollient it didn’t get oily or greasy on my skin all day. The miss parts for me are all about the design. There are two shades which are supposed to give you a two-in-one product, but the stick is so small I find it almost impossible to apply just 1 single color. As much as I loved her Sun Designer Palettes and Compact-Expert Powders, this is the one of small pans or closely positioned colors is what I find most challenging about application. The size brushes I use or the way I apply makeup makes it hard for me to get just one color. Not a deal breaker for me as I like to swirl and mix the shades. There is a small brush at the end of these Glow-Expert Sticks. Even after some breaking in I find them extremely stiff and hard. It’s designed to blend the product on your cheek but for me any sweeping on the skin pulls product off the face.

By Terry Glow-Expert Highlighters in Amber Light and Beach Glow

All this said, I think if you’re ok with swirled or mixed colors then I think these are a hit formula-wise. If you have oily or greasy skin you may find them too emollient in which case I’d recommend the NARS Easy Glowing Palettes (powder formula) or the Hourglass Vanish Flash Sticks (better suited for oily skin).

By Terry Glow-Expert Highlighters in Amber Light and Beach Glow

Swatches below, Amber Light is more neutral golden, Beach Glow is a pinky peachy blend.

By Terry Glow-Expert Highlighters in Amber Light and Beach Glow

Beauty look below with Amber Light Glow-Expert on the face and eyes below. Also wearing Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation in Y340, La Mer Pressed Powder in Light, Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cocoa Mirage, By Terry Lash-Expert Mascara, Diorshow Brow Styler in Universal Brown, Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist in Shade #11, Tee from Madewell, Nail Color is Chanel Nuvola Rosa.

By Terry Glow Expert in Amber Light look

Last is a look at the Baume de Rose Le Stick ($34 for 2.3 g) and the Baume de Rose Hand Cream (mine is a mini from holiday which you can still find here, full size is $50 for 75 g).

By Terry Baume de Rose Review and Overview, Original, Crystalline, Le Stick and Hand Cream

I’ve been a long-time fan of the classic Baume de Rose ($60 for 10 g) in the large round pot. It’s thick, lush, hydrating and lasts a long time. I also love the Baume de Rose Crystalline ($53 for 7 ml) in the tube with the wand because it’s easier for application on-the-go and doesn’t require you get your fingers messy as it has a sponge tip applicator. This one has a lighter weight feel to it but still just as hydrating. Based on great results from trying the By Terry balms, I was super excited to try the Baume de Rose Le Stick version. Huge plus that it’s priced lower and comes in a twist up version! I am so sad to report that this was a miss for me. I was left extremely disappointed. Regular with the stick use only gives immediate hydration, moisture is not long-lasting. With the others formulas, my dry lips are left lush, soft and well hydrated within 1 day. With regular daily use of the stick, my lips are still dry with no improvement. All this said, we are in the driest months here in Tampa. I remember when we moved here a year ago everything (face, hands, skin, hair) felt very much dried out. I thought it was the water (it was a contributing factor) but many other Floridians informed me that this was the dry season. So right now I’m extra dry. I am going to keep this balm and revisit later because in 1 to 2 months the humidity and heat is going to pick back up and this might have enough moisture to work during hot humid months.

I’m ending this roundup with a hit. I love a good hand cream but the high price point of the full size Baume de Rose Hand Cream was too pricey for me to justify as I’m not the biggest fan of pure rose-scented body products. I usually need some kind of a blend in the scent. I bought the mini in a holiday set which you can still find at some places online like Dermstore and Barneys New York. The Baume de Rose Hand Cream is indeed very rosy smelling but the formula is incredibly hydrating. It also has some kind of ingredient that smooths the look of the hands and after application skin looks remarkably smoother with a youthful effect. I think it’s an excellent hand cream and would purchase the full size in a heart beat if I didn’t already have a lot of other ones on hand.

Overall, I think the Lash-Expert Mascara and Baume de Rose Hand Cream are the two items I’d definitely recommend checking out. The Glow-Expert Cheek Sticks are so close to being perfect, I would have rather it been double ended in product with one color on each side because the brush didn’t work for me. I do like the color and formula though so will be using them regularly as I love the effect. The Baume de Rose Le Stick is not working for me now but I’ll revisit in a couple months. For now if you’ve been interested in trying the lip balms I’d recommend you opt for the classic round pot version as it’s truly phenomenal.

You can find By Terry products at Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, Dermstore, Space NK, Beautylish, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

Do you have any By Terry favorites? If you tried anything I reviewed today let me know what you thought!


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