Sara Happ Lip Scrubs, The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm and One Luxe Glosses

September 9, 2015

I first tried Sara Happ’s line a couple of months ago when I ordered the Sparkling Pink Lip Set from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (it’s still available online). One of my BFFs raves about and swears by The Lip Slip One Luxe Clear Shine Lip Gloss – she wears it over her lipstick or alone for a soft glossy shine. I usually don’t wear clear gloss so I opted for the Pink Lip gloss along with the Grapefruit Lip Scrub since it came in a set – both are really fun to use. I’ve since been able to play with a few more of the items from Sara Happ’s line. Today I have a review on some of The Lip Scrubs, The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm and her One Luxe Gloss in The Pink Slip and The Nude Slip (they all retail at $24 each).

The Sara Happ Lip Scrubs have been on my radar for a long time but the concept of a scrub on the lips sounded a bit harsh for my super sensitive skin. The packaging can’t be beat with these though – they come packaged in a small square box with a white little bow. These make the cutest little gifts and you don’t have to do any wrapping to make them look special. These are gritty and have texture but have an emollient feel so they glide easily on the lips. They do get a bit messy, as you can expect with a scrub. The instructions say to apply on the lips and massage in a circular motion, then wipe off with a tissue. I tried each of these several time and each time I think I applied too much (although maybe it’s because they taste amazing). Using a tissue wasn’t enough to remove it from my lips. I had to wipe it off with a slightly damp towel as well. These leave the lips feeling super soft – it does help remove dry patches and flakes. These are paraben free and made with natural ingredients. Ingredients vary slightly per flavor. I’ve been playing with several flavors for a few weeks now:

  • Peony is a limited-edition flavor, it resembles the floral scent that the lip glosses and lip balm have, it’s not my favorite but if you like soft florals this one is really good, it’s not bad tasting – it’s just the sweeter ones are amazing by comparison
  • Vanilla Bean is a brown-colored scrub, it smells and tastes like vanilla bean without being too sweet or sugary
  • Confetti Cake is another limited-edition one, it tastes and smells similar to Vanilla Bean, but softer and more like a sugar cookie or white cake
  • Sparkling Pink Grapefruit (not shown) smells exactly like grapefruit, if you like citrusy fruity scents this one is really fun

Ingredients of The Luxe Lip Balm (above) and Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub (bottom):

The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm is a floral scented milky pink balm that has tiny bits of silver shimmer mixed in. On my lips it’s pretty clear in color although the milky pink tint does make my lips look a bit pale. It’s on the thick side for a lip balm – a little goes a very long way. This is the closest thing I’ve ever tried that compares to the By Terry Baume de Rose in terms of look and feel. Of course the two aren’t identical, but the Sara Happ Luxe Balm has a similar milky light pink tint and a thick texture with a floral scent. My preference is still for the By Terry, but the Sara Happ does a really good job at hydrating the lips – my only hesitation in keeping this one in my purse for daily use is that it’s very thick in texture and a bit too heavy for day. I suspect once fall/winter rolls around I will be loving the texture more, right now for summer in high 80-100 degree weather, it’s too much.

The One Luxe Glosses come in four colors. Below are two of them in The Pink Slip and The Nude Slip. Both come in a tube with a large sponge applicator. The glosses are fairly thick in texture and have a sticky tacky feel to them. They feel really nourishing on the lips. The Nude Slip is lighter than my natural lip color and took some blending to apply smoothly – it’s a nude color but doesn’t wash out the complexion. I’m a huge lover of nude lips but this one was a bit too pale for my skintone. The Pink Slip on the other hand is a lovely baby pink that has enough color to give the face a glow. It’s on the cool-toned side on my skin but looking at the tube I would call it more in the neutral territory (not too warm and not too cool). It makes the lips look very healthy. Lasting power is pretty good with these since they have that thick tacky feel. If you’re not a fan of thick sticky formulas though you may want to skip.

Swatches of all three:

Bottom line, fun lip products to play with for grown ups. The packaging makes these really special even though you will probably end up throwing away the boxes. It gives them a unique feel that you don’t see with other brands. I’m obsessed with The Pink Slip Lip Gloss as it gives the lips a healthy glow. The Nude Slip is a good nude but too light for me. I like the way the Lip Slip Luxe Balm performs – it hydrates the lips really well, but the texture is thick and a bit too heavy for the hot weather we have right now.

In terms of the Lip Scrubs, I think Vanilla Bean and Confetti Cake are musts. I’m super picky when it comes to sweet scents in lip products – these have just the right amount of sweetness without being over the top. I was skeptical about how useful these would be but after trying them, I really don’t know what took me so long to try one.

Have you tried anything from Sara Happ before? What are your favorites? Occasionally you can see some sets available for sale that give a slight price break. You can find Sara Happ at Nordstrom, Beautyhabit, Blue Mercury, and Selfridges.
Confetti Cake, Vanilla Bean, Peony and The Nude Slip were provided as press samples for review consideration. Other items purchased by me.

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