Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipsticks and Butter Cream Lipsticks

April 14, 2015

The lipsticks from Bite Beauty have been on my radar for quite some time. There’s something appealing about the simple and basic packaging of their lipsticks that always has me going “ooohh” when I see them online. I picked up a few lipsticks in two of the formulas:

Luminous Crème Lipsticks ($24 each) in Pepper and Musk
Butter Cream Lipsticks ($28 each) in Caramel, Pecan and Heather

Both formulas are rich and creamy with a very natural lipstick-like scent. The texture is on the thick side but they do glide on the lips nicely. The colors are super saturated and cover the lip entirely, although I do recommend a neutral lipliner blended around the edges to help the finish look a bit more natural/blended in with the lip. I bought colors based on recs from my readers – sometimes neutrals with brown or plum undertones can look very dark and drab on my olive skintone (i.e. MAC Spirit and Twig). The ones recommended to me are truly neutral with the pinky-brown base but they aren’t too dark and actually have a lot of color in them.

I personally found both formulas to perform the same on my lips. The Butter Cream formula is slightly glossier and thicker in texture so you have more of a sheen on the lips. The Luminous Creme melds into the lip for a more natural look, but it has enough color so you can still tell you are wearing lipstick.

The packaging and lipstick designs are different. I prefer the traditional angled tip because it makes lipstick easier to apply. The flat tip of the Butter Cream is designed to expose the creamy center, but it just feels awkward to apply and I don’t notice additional creaminess because of the design. The thick texture makes it stick slightly to the lips and I felt like I was going to break the lipstick at the base (luckily I did not on any of them). All of these look fairly similar. In store lighting they looked different but once I got home I realized most of these are really close to each other. On the lips they have slight differences in undertone.

Pepper is a browned pink rose
Musk is the perfect neutral nude pink rose
Caramel is a lovely nude beige flesh color
Pecan is a peachy pink brown nude
Heather is a bright but muted rose pink

Here they are swatched on the lips, for foundation I have on NARS Punjab in some photos and the Chanel CC Cream in Beige 30 in others (still testing this one out):

A few swatch comparisons to other neutral lipsticks:

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Infamous (swatched on lips here)
Marc Jacobs Sheer Lip Gel in Understudy and Roleplay (reviews here)
Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in First Time (swatched here)
Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks in Nude Kate and Stoned Rose (lip swatch here)
NARS Audacious Lipsticks in Barbara and Anita (lip swatches here)

The formula of the Bite Beauty Lipsticks reminds me of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks in terms of the coverage and blendability. Both are rich and opaque but don’t look flat on the lips like some full-coverage lipsticks can. I do find the Bite Beauty Lipsticks slightly thicker in texture and you can definitely feel them on the lips – but not in a bad way and they don’t feel like they are sliding off. The thick texture of the Bite Butter Cream Lipsticks makes them feel like you have a veil of moisture on the lips – I found them very hydrating. Out of the two formulas, I have a very slight preference for the Butter Cream because of the color options, but I really prefer the traditional angled shape of the Luminous Cremes.

Bottom line: lots to love about these. I have a few more of the Butter Creams sitting in my online cart but given the fact that they are just slight variations of the ones I have and also combined with the fact that I’m not too thrilled with the flat tip, I will probably pass on more and stick with the ones I have. 

You can find the Bite Beauty Lipsticks online and in select Sephora stores. The Luminous Crème Lipsticks retail for $24 each while the Butter Cream Lipsticks are $28 each. Have you tried any of the Bite Beauty Lipsticks? Which ones?

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