Jo Malone Cardamom and Moroccan Rose – Limited-Edition

January 30, 2015

I’ve been neglecting Jo Malone for a while because of my obsession with other lines but I couldn’t resist picking up the Cardamom & Moroccan Rose Candle ($70 for 7 oz, limited-edition) which is part of the My Wanderlust Collection mainly because the packaging looks quite stunning. Cardamom & Moroccan Rose is described as a Moroccan rose with a mix of honeyed spice. Straight out of the box it smells like a citrus orange rose with a hint of gingery spice. I wasn’t sure how it would burn because the mix of honey, citrus and rose seemed very odd. Once it you burn it, it warms up to a beautiful soothing scent. It smells of equal parts rose, ginger and chamomile. It’s floral but also earthy with a warm mix.

The packaging was a bit of a surprise when I saw it in person. I expected an orange and red tinted glass case, instead the outside is an adhesive sticker. I was worried how the sticker would fare after burning but so far I’ve had no issues. The packaging design is quite lovely and adds a festive accent of color to the home, desk or office. Still, I would have preferred a tinted glass jar rather than a sticker but it seems very sturdy and well made so for now, I’ll overlook it.

If you’re a fan of rose mix home fragrances, the Jo Malone Cardamom and Moroccan Rose is a good one to look into. The mix of rose, honey and spice is really quite unique and makes it a more unisex kind of rose (versus a girly and feminine rose). I find it’s been the perfect transition scent for winter to spring. It’s particularly nice on cloudy days to brighten one’s mood. On warmer sunny days here in Southern California I find it gives a soothing feel.

The Jo Malone Cardamom & Moroccan Rose Candle is a limited-edition scent. Available at all Jo Malone stores and counters while supplies last. I bought mine from Neiman Marcus. Also available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks and Jo Malone.

Have you checked out the Jo Malone My Wanderlust Collection? Did you pick up anything? If not, what’s your favorite rose home scent?

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