Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Champagne

August 11, 2014

Bite Beauty has released a new shimmery rose gold Agave Lip Mask in Champagne ($26 for .52 oz/15 g). This is the first item from Bite Beauty that I’ve tried although I’ve passed by the display units at Sephora numerous times. The Champagne shade is a sheer golden color with a hint of rose tones and reports indicate it has the same effect and benefits as their best-selling original Agave Lip Mask which is clear. I haven’t tried both so I can’t compare, but I really love the texture of the Champagne version.

The Agave Lip Mask is a hydrating lip treatment. I’ve worn this during the day, for me it seems a bit too thick to wear overnight while sleeping. It really hydrates the lips well and helps mine recover after lip swatching and testing (the wiping and reapplying of lipsticks sometimes dries out my lips).

Pouch by One Truffle (review soon)
It’s thick but very smooth and adheres well to the lips. I love the emollient quality in lip balms but am really particular with texture, feel and scent – for me I need one that adheres well to the lips so they don’t feel like they are sliding off. The Agave Lip Mask fits the bill on all fronts. It’s hydrating, sticks to my lips but isn’t too tacky, and it has an delicious soft cookie-like vanilla scent. The scent does fade after a few minutes and I love that it’s not overpowering.

Champagne swatches like a gorgeous gold shimmer similar to MAC Nymphette Lipglass, but it sheers out on the lips to an almost clear tint. The Bite Agave Lip Mask gives the lips a healthy shine but virtually no color.

On my lips it’s practically clear:

As a lip treatment I love it. The formula is really good and hydrating. It comes in a metal squeeze tube which dispenses product easily without getting messy. Some metal lip tubes I’ve tried end up dispensing too much product once squeezed but this one is well designed so there’s no excess.


Update: a few color comparisons in case you like the color of Bite’s Champagne but want more color in a gloss, left to right: NARS Orgasm (new formula), Chanel Twinkle Glossimer, MAC Nymphette, Bite Champagne, Chanel Bon Bon 73 Glossimer (discontinued):

Bottom line love. The Agave Lip Mask in Champagne is currently exclusive to Sephora where I ordered mine. I’ll have a roundup of lip balms I have in rotation in the next couple weeks but this one has made it into my top 5 picks.
Have you tried anything from Bite Beauty? Do you have the Original or Champagne Agave Lip Masks? What did you think?

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