Reflect Your Style Dream Vanity featuring One Kings Lane

June 13, 2014

One Kings Lane asked me to collaborate with them in their Reflect Your Style campaign. Their challenge: create a mood board of your dream vanity with decorative accents centered around one of their statement mirrors. I picked out the Vevey Oversized Gold Mirror (1) as my inspiration piece. I love the rich color and intricate details around the edges. The Cosmo Table Lamp (3) also has a beautiful brass finish to complement the details of the Vevey mirror.

A couple accent pieces that caught my eye included a small Clam Plate With Gold Starfish (2) perfect for small safety pins or small rings, and another sea-themed larger Bronze Coral Bowl (8) for additional color. There are a number of beautiful art pieces available at One Kings Lane, so many fun prints. I like to have some kind of photograph or art piece in our home to add color and life to each room. The abstract piece by Amy Donaldson, Playful Dance (4) caught my eye.

I’ve incorporated a few of my beauty loves right now as well including: Chanel Glossimers (5) for added shine and shimmer, Frederic Malle Carnal Flower (6) my favorite fragrance of the week (yes, it changes weekly), The Little Dictionary of Fashion (7) love the details in this one, various Dior Gel Shine Nail Polishes (9), Chanel Le Jour (10) adding this under regular moisturizer has helped my skin tremendously and Diptyque Baies (11) always a classic. West Elm Lacquered Trays (12) they are so versatile – they come in a number of colors and size options. I use the large one in our kitchen for our coffee bar area, one in our living room on our coffee table, and I have a number of square ones I use on my own vanity dresser and also in my home office.

Last but not least, my husband and I both love having fresh flowers in our home. We don’t always manage to get them on a weekly basis but it’s something we always look forward to. His favorites are tulips, mine right now are peonies. I’m loving the look of these Faux Peonies (13) for soft color.
After perusing all the lovely home decor accessories at One Kings Lane, I’m inspired to find a few new accent pieces to add to our home. For a few other fun collages, check out the dream vanities at Fab Over Forty and The Daily Nest.

For more inspiration be sure to check out One Kings Lane’s Home Decor Resource Guide. You can sign up to become a One Kings Lane member here.


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