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May 12, 2014
Back in January of this year I was lucky to meet the Ole Henriksen team and discovered their products for the first time. I received some samples and fell in love with items from The Works Set ($48 boxed set) which includes five of their best selling items in mini trial-sized versions. I usually proceed with extreme caution before trying new skincare items. I have very sensitive skin that reacts easily to many skincare products. Reactions usually happen within minutes and take at least a week for my skin to calm down and return to its normal state. This set proved to be the perfect size and mix to sample five staple items to see if they really worked for me. I also found it priced at a reasonable range given the size of each item. More brands should follow with these trial/value/introductory sets – skincare can be costly and it takes time to try items to see if you really like them. I really like that it comes with easy to follow instructions and that the steps to use these items are very simple.
The Works Set contains: 
  • 1 African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser 1.5oz/45ml
  • 1 Truth Serum Collagen Booster 0.5oz/15ml
  • 1 Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil 0.5oz/15ml
  • 1 Sheer Transformation 0.5oz/15ml
  • 1 Lemon Strip Flash Peel .5oz/15ml

Easy to follow 5-step regimen:

My thoughts on each item below, individual products linked to Ole Henriksen for more information and ingredient references. For quick reference – I’ve been using these items and alternating with other skincare items, but all of these have lasted several months. I’ve already used up the Foaming Cleanser and Truth Serum from the set and repurchased.

African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser is creamy foaming face wash that is designed to melt away dirt and makeup without stripping skin. It has African Red Tea and essential fatty acids to nourish and soothe. I found this to be an effective cleanser without stripping the skin. It’s designed for both morning and evening use, I found that I liked to use this most in the evening (I like to use other creamy cleansers such as Dior or SK-II in the morning). It has a soft citrus scent and has a dispenser that foams the cleanser. My husband and I share skincare cleansers, he did not like this one, he felt it left a residue on his face even after rinsing. I on the other hand liked it enough to buy the full size for the home and another small trial sized version for travel.

Truth Serum Collagen Booster is one of the most-raved about products from Ole Henriksen. The reps mentioned it’s their number one seller and the most-returned to product that their customers keep repurchasing. I’ve always been very skeptical of serums and usually don’t like using them in conjunction with moisturizers because I feel like it results in too many layers of product on my face. The Truth Serum has completely changed my outlook on serums. It’s extremely lightweight and a lottle goes a very long way. I’ve been using one small pump and applying all over the face (after cleansing and toning). It has a thin clearish orange formula like a thin gel. You can feel it on the skin after application but layering moisturizer over it results in a weightless feel. What I liked about this the most was that it really brightened my skin and also helped my foundation last longer. It’s not really an oil control product but using this with the Sheer Transformation moisturizer worked wonders for me.

Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil is a Rose Hips Seed Oil that repairs and replenishes with essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and C for youthful radiance. It’s recommended for evening use to be layered over the Truth Serum to maximize brightening. This is the one product from the set that I have mixed feelings about. In trying a number of face oils, I’ve found there are only a couple that I have been able to stand the smell of. The Ole Henriksen oil is not one of them. It has a sharp citrus herbal cleansing smell which I’m not a fan of. It does fade a bit after application but I’m not a fan. The formula on the other hand is very hydrating and does calm the skin. I found it a bit heavy to use every night but in general I feel most face oils are too heavy for my preference. It does absorb into the skin after 15 minutes or so and I can’t feel it on my face unless I touch it. When used at night I find I wake up with refreshed hydrated skin with a more brightened complexion. I really just need to get over the scent because it makes the skin feel extremely soft and supple.

Sheer Transformation is one of my new favorite moisturizers. It’s a lightweight cream moisturizer infused with Actiwhite™, licorice and botanical AHA’s to help fade dark spots and soften skin. Vitamin C Stimulates collagen production, fruit acids retexturizes and soothes lines and sandalwood, geranium, licorice and chamomile soothes, replenishes, balances and purifies the skin. My skin has gone through several freak-outs this year after two really bad colds (the first one lasted a couple months). I’ve had some break outs on the face that resulted in some acne scars. This cream combined with some other items has really helped bring my skin back to its normal state. There’s no detectable scent and I like the way it moisturizes the skin without feeling heavy. Huge thumbs up.

Lemon Strip Flash Peel is a powerful peel with a 20% AHA complex of glycolic, lactic & fruit acids to accelerate cell turnover and resurface for luminous, smooth skin in a flash. This one made me a bit nervous to try since I was told it is a resurfacing product. Any skincare product with the word “peel” makes me nervous in general especially with my super sensitive skin. I gave this a try and found that it was gentle enough to not cause a huge reaction for my skin. It helped to improve the surface of my skin tremendously. If you have a lot of healing acne, raw peeling skin or any open wounds I would proceed with caution on using this (it will sting if you use it on any picked-at skin areas), but you don’t have to apply it all over the face. I found that it tingled a little but did not sting.

After months of testing these items I’ve been very pleased. My top two picks are the Truth Serum and Sheer Transformation cream. You can find The Works Set at Ole Henriksen for $48 or find each item individually. I really like that they have a wide range of small-sized items available for travel or to try out. For more on the brand be sure to follow Ole Henriksen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their Blog.

What are your favorite Ole Henriksen products? If you have anything you’ve been using for a while or just discovered I’d love to hear your recommendations for what to try next.

I’ve fallen in love with this set so much that I’m going to giveaway two of them (many thanks to Ole Henriksen for providing two giveaway sets for The Beauty Look Book). Two individuals will be selected to win one set each.

To qualify you must use the Rafflecopter widget below, be a US resident (due to shipping restrictions on liquids), 18 years or older and like The Beauty Look Book on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Giveaway entries begin today on May 12, 2014 and ends May 22, 2014 at 12:00 AM PST. Winners will be contacted by e-mail or Twitter by The Beauty Look Book within three days after the giveaway entries end. See terms in conditions in the widget.

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This post contains items received in a sample from Ole Henriksen along with items repurchased by The Beauty Look Book. All opinions are my own. Two sets were also provided by Ole Henriksen for The Beauty Look Book giveaway for US residents.

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