Diptyque Pine Bark, Orange Chai and Indian Incense | Holiday 2013

December 16, 2013

This holiday Diptyque has released three limited-edition scents in special packaging: Pine Bark, Orange Chai and Indian Incense. Each scent comes in two sizes which are slightly more expensive than the regular clear jars. The 2.4 oz/70 g candles are $32 each and the 6.5 oz/190 g candles are $68 each. The jars are made of colored glass – the larger sizes have a metallic sheen to the outside. The packaging is a work of art. The label designs and the boxes have intricate designs that are simply stunning. It’s taken me a while to burn each one long enough to do a review. I first purchased the small size of each scent since I was unsure of how I would like them. I went back after a few burns and purchased the regular size of Pine Bark and Orange Chai.
Indian Incense is described as featuring a “mysterious, dark, floral scent with notes of rose, carnation, incense and myrrh.” It’s one of the darker scents of the three but not too dark or heavy. The strength of this one is very good. I purchased the smaller size and the scent filled the entire room within a few minutes. It’s a spicy floral but not too incense-y which is right inline with my fragrance preferences.
Orange Chai was the one I was most excited about. It’s exactly like orange scented tea. Think the cinnamon teas, but orange scented instead. This one is described as a “mellow blend of orange, quince and a mix of Indian spices.” It has an almost creamy finish to it. I’ve never smelled anything like it. It’s a very unique scent. The strength of this one is also quite strong. I like it but can only take this one in small doses. It can be a bit sweet-smelling.
Pine Bark surprised me. I’ve never been a huge fan of pine scents but this has completely changed my outlook on green scents. For those familiar with Jo Malone’s Pine and Eucalyptus, the Diptyque is similar but a little less sharp. The Jo Malone is slightly more smoky smelling. Both are equally amazing. The Diptyque Pine Bark is described as “a clean, woody, smoky fragrance that combines notes of pine and cedar with hinoki, a Japanese cypress.” I will need to buy a few extras to stock up throughout the year. This one is by far my favorite.

Regular 6.5 oz Pine Bark vs. 1.2 oz Feu de Bois from the 10 piece set (review here)
Out of the three, I would say Pine Bark is the only one I would pick if I had to pick just one. The holiday packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Have you tried any of the Diptyque holiday candles yet? Do you have any other favorite seasonal candles that are new this year?
Pine Bark, Orange Chai and Indian Incense are all limited-edition. Priced from $32 to $68 depending on size. For size reference comparisons, see this post. I purchased all of mine from Nordstrom.

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