Burberry Oxblood Lip Mist, Lip Cover and Lip Glow

December 23, 2013

Burberry has released four beauty variations of Oxblood colored makeup. The Nail Polish was previously featured here. In addition to the nail color, Burberry also has Oxblood in a Lip Mist No. 214 ($30), a Lip Cover No. 33 ($30) and a Lip Glow No. 23 ($27). Each lip product is slightly different in finish and color so you can select one according to your preference for a burgandy pinkish red lip.

Oxblood No. 214 Lip Mist is the most red of the three. It’s a semi-glossy semi-tacky lipstick. It’s a dark wine color in the tube but applies cool-toned and red, almost pinkish. The slightly sticky texture helps the color adhere well to the lips and prevents it from sliding off. The benefit of the slight transparent finish is that it will fade nicely on the lips without appearing obvious.

Oxblood No. 33 Lip Cover is the most pigmented color. It’s also a deep wine red with a slightly glossy finish, but it’s rich in color like a regular lipstick. This one required careful application to prevent bleeding or smudging. Lasting power was quite good and it left a slight stain on the lips after a few hours of wear. It’s quite dramatic in a beautiful way.
Oxblood No. 23 Lip Glow is a semi-dark wine pink in the tube. It applied quite a bit lighter and pinker on the lips. This one is my favorite of the three, mainly because it is the softest but still has quite a bit of color. It has a transparent finish with a high shine. If you want more color or pigment, you may want to opt for MAC’s Desire Lipglass (a staple of mine). Or simply layer this one over a darker lip liner or either of the Oxblood lipsticks.

With all three shades, you need to apply carefully and accurately. I recommend blending or smoothing the edges
with a lip brush for even application. There is a sharp contrast for me
between my natural lip color and these Oxblood lip items. The lip
swatches below were applied straight from the tubes, you can see that
it’s slightly uneven in the pictures so you can see a bit of the edges
of the lip. Do note that most wine-colored items tend to pull fuschia or blue on me. Your mileage may vary depending on your skin and lip tones.
The Lip Mist:

The Lip Cover:

The Lip Glow:

Comparisons swatched: Burberry Blueberry Lip Mist is more brownish, MAC Desire Lipglass is the perfect match to the Oxblood Lip Cover, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is more blueish, Chanel Fiction applies more red.
For other swatches, I recommend checking out the swatches on Café Makeup, Gummy Vision and Vanity Fashionista
I’m particularly smitten with all three colors. They are quite bold for
me (I normally wear neutral or peachy lips). I find them perfect for the
holiday season or special occasion. They are dramatic for me without
being too bright or too dark.
I purchased mine all at Nordstrom: Lip Mist here, Lip Cover here, Lip Glow here and Nail Polish here (back in stock).

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