Mason Pearson

June 12, 2013

I’ve been eyeing Mason Pearson brushes for quite some time but often overlook the hair care section. I purchased the Detangling Comb ($34, made in Switzerland) and the Pocket Mix Brush ($108, made in London) a couple weeks ago and am head over heels in love. I have thick slightly wavy hair that is prone to frizz with any hint of humidity. I usually buy inexpensive hair brushes from CVS or Ulta but decided to finally give Mason Pearson a try. There is no going back now.
  • The Detangling Comb is a smooth sturdy acrylic comb. The quality is excellent and there is a noticeable difference in how this performs compared to other brands. The handle is the perfect length to grip easily as you brush your hair. (I use to brush after a shower or bath on wet hair.)
  • The Pocket Mix Brush is the cutest miniature luxury brush I’ve ever seen. I went with the least expensive brush which is a combination of boar bristle and nylon to try as my first brush splurge. I couldn’t be happier. The combination of nylon and boar bristles makes this a gentle brush that brushes hair to a smooth soft even look (no hair tugging or breakage).
For reference, check out MasonPearson.com to view the different sizes and brush types in their entire brush lineup. Dimensions and diagrams are extremely helpful. I never realized how many options there were.

For size reference, they are small enough to fit into a medium-sized purse. Here they are hand-held:

on the nails, remnants of Chanel Skyline

Bottom line: a splurge definitely worth taking. The quality of the brushes is very good and everyone I know who owns one raves about how long they last. I would like to purchase one of the larger sized brush eventually, but right now I’m not quite ready to take the jump.
Have you tried Mason Pearson? What’s your favorite go-to hair brush line?
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