Chanel Rose Initiale Powder Blush #72 – Fall 2012

June 24, 2012
Chanel Rose Initiale Powder Blush #72 ($43 for 6 g/ 0.21 oz) is a dainty rose pink with a beautiful subtle gold and pink shimmer. It’s absolute perfection for a pretty pink glow and definitely a must-have. I like that this has very little brown/rose tones in it. There are a number of gorgeous rose, browns, peaches and bright pinks that exist among Chanel’s blushes, this is a nice addition to their lineup for something in different along the lines of Narcisse/Rose Petale but still different (more on this below). Rose Initiale in the US formula has a wonderfully pigmented texture that is easy to blend. I tried this using blush brushes from MAC and Chanel (the newer ones). I prefer MAC’s for this one since I like to use fluffier brushes for the blushes that have more pigment. For me it helps the color go on more evenly in sheer layers and allows more control
Rose Initiale has a gorgeous petal pink base with finely milled shimmers. The shimmer isn’t visible on my skin though, but it does give this color depth:

Under artificial light the gold shimmer is more visible, can you see the slight glimmer?

Best Things in Beauty has wonderful swatches of this on fairer skin. I recommend you check out her review. Here it is swatched on mine (Chanel B30):

There are most likely similar colors out there to this new beauty, but in my opinion, there are few other brands that have blushes with the finely milled beautiful quality that Chanel does. Don’t get me wrong, I adore many other brands for blushes (NARS, MAC, Armani, Burberry etc.) but I really do love Chanel’s. Many of the blushes have a gorgeous glow. The shimmer is subdued and visible but not over-the-top. In Chanel’s exisiting lineup, I found Rose Initiale unique. My thoughts on a few other pinks by comparison:
  • Rose Petale used to be my favorite pink by Chanel. I find it has some brown tones while Rose Initiale is more of a pure pink.
  • Narcisse is significantly more cool-toned and has more visible shimmer.
  • Pink Explosion (euro formula) has more rose tones and darkens on the skin.
  • MAC Dainty is a color I thought was similar. It is, but on the skin shows up quite a bit more frosty and warmer with more peach.

Overall love love LOVE! I want to wear this one everyday now. I think it is suitable for most skin tones. Definitely check this one out. Blush swatches on the arm never do justice to what these really look like on the face. Many have asked where Fall is available. None of the counters near me have it yet (as of Saturday) in Southern California. I’ve heard Nordstrom Seattle has it, various Neiman Marcus stores and Bergdorf Goodman in NY. Some have reported it arriving in Saks. I suspect most counters in the US will have it by the end of this week. At this time I am not sure if it’s limited or not.

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