Burberry Beauty: Nude Rose & Hibiscus Lip Glow and Tulip Pink & Devon Sunset Lip Cover

January 8, 2012

I finally found a moment to post the swatches and thoughts on my lip picks from Burberry Spring 2012. Thank you all for your patience, I know I’ve been very slow in getting the swatches up, these days I feel like I only have time to be a weekend blogger. Burberry has a beautiful mix of soft and bright for lips this season. There are a few neutrals for nude-makeup lovers (like myself). In addition Burberry has released some vibrant corals, pinks and plum for those craving more color. The colors I ordered sight unseen:
  • Hibiscus No.13 Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss ($27) – a sheer bright plum with reddish tones
  • Nude Rose No. 14 Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss ($27) – a sheer soft faded nude pink (very sheer)
  • Tulip Pink No. 27 Lip Cover Satin Lipstick ($30) – a neutral nude pale pink cream
  • Devon Sunset No. 28 Lip Cover Satin Lipstick ($30) – a bright/healthy but natural peach-coral (brighter/deeper than Cameo No. 02)
The swatches all together:

Close up shots of the lipglosses:

Close ups of the lipsticks:

Lip swatches of Hibiscus Gloss, Tulip Pink Lipstick and Devon Sunset Lipgloss. Nude Rose Lip Gloss went on fairly clear so I didn’t post the photos.

Swatch comparisons:

Thoughts on each shade:

  • I could have skipped the Nude Rose Lipgloss because I found it so sheer but it layers beautifully with Tulip Pink which can be a tad too pale by itself. It does go on fairly clear on my lips with a very slight pink tint. I think for the price I would have preferred something with more pigment, or at least with a bit of nude shimmer.
  • Tulip Pink Lipstick is on the pale side. It’s not quite as pale as Nude though so I still find it wearable. If you have other nude pink shades from Burberry I would say you can safely skip Tulip Pink unless you’re looking for something on the paler/lighter side. I personally prefer slightly darker pinks although this one is lovely when topped with a sheer gloss. The coverage is full but not too thick.
  • Devon Sunset Lipstick is a brighter version of Cameo. It reminds me of a softer more wearable version of Lancome’s Chris and Tell (which I gifted away). It has a similar effect but less of a garish finish. The coverage on this color is full as well. Compared to other corals it has a richer creamier finish.
  • Hibiscus Lipgloss is a lovely plum in the tube, on my lips it pulls more red (as most plums do). It’s a bit outside of my comfort zone but not too over the top. I don’t have similar shades but it seems to be a classic sort of reddish/plum so I am assuming Chanel and Bobbi Brown have something similar. The finish is sheer but color is noticeable on the lips.

Overall I think the items released for Burberry Spring-Summer are classic and gorgeous. The entire collection is available at select Nordstrom locations and Nordstrom.com now. Due to time constraints I don’t have the ability to do more comparisons right now. I hope the comparisons I have posted for Burberry Spring will give you an idea to help gauge the colors.

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