Chanel Glossimers Bon Bon, Pétillant & Bagatelle for Spring 2012

December 19, 2011

I have a weakness for Chanel Glossimers. The colors created by Chanel are always so gorgeous in the tubes with the prettiest shimmers and sparkles – they make my heart skip a beat. The newest colors for spring are Bon Bon 73, Pétillant 159 & Bagatelle 161. All the shades are light and shimmery but unfortunately not unique. I still love the newest items from spring but the colors are fairly sheer and seem like lazy rehashed from seasons past. Note my weakness overcame me and I still caved.

The colors:

Bon Bon 73 is a pale pearly pink gold. It’s one of those luminous glowy glosses without glittery specks. The shimmer is very smooth and almost milky. Back in 2008, Chanel released a series of Aqualumiere Glosses, one was also called Bon Bon. I don’t have it anymore since used it up, but from my memory, the new Bon Bon Glossimer seems identical to what Bon Bon Aqualumiere Gloss looked like. It’s a paler version of Sundress. The color is very sheer and goes on clear on my lips. I suspect it will be best used as a layering color over a pigmented lipstick.

Pétillant 159 is a soft luminous peachy glow with an iridescent pinkish shimmer. On the hands and lips it goes on more of a clear pinkish shimmer for me. Odd right? I attribute this to the sheer silvery pale sparkles that show up more than the sheer peachy base. Do check out Best Things in Beauty for swatches in different light and skintone. I agree with her that I also could have skipped this too – it’s so sheer on me even the sparkles barely show up.

Bagatelle 161 is the most pigmented gloss in the collection. It’s a beautiful fresh salmon pink with gold shimmers. I found it to be a lighter fresher version of Magnifique. Years ago Chanel also released a color called Pink Oyster. I no longer have that either (used up) but Bagatelle reminds me of Pink Oyster. Scroll down to the bottom for comparisons. It’s more pigmented so this shows up on my lips but it’s still rather natural.

More close ups:

Comparisons below to other Chanels and one Le Metier gloss. The photo of the actual product was taken with my iPhone. I couldn’t get a decent shot with outdoor lighting – the sunlight and flash blurred all the pinks and corals together.

Have you seen the spring collection in person yet? What were your thoughts of the glossimers? I didn’t lip swatch them for this blog since they were so sheer it didn’t seem worth trying to post here. Thank you everyone for your patience as I slowly work my way through Chanel’s spring collection. November and December have proved to be very challenging months for me in my non-blogging life. The good thing with this collection is that Chanel scheduled the release very early this year so most of you have probably had the chance to go to the counters to play.
If you’ve seen the collection in person I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 Or even if you haven’t I’d love to hear your first impressions based on what you’ve seen online or read about.

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