Le Métier de Beauté Atlantis Sunset & Nadine (Neiman Marcus Northpark Exclusives)

November 3, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté has partnered with several artists to design exclusive products to various counters. It’s almost been like a mini treasure hunt trying to track down what’s been released where. I love the @metierbeaute tweets to help keep me updated but sometimes Twitter can be hard to follow consistently (I still love it though). Many thanks to Karla Sugar who gives us all the details & updates about the Neiman Marcus Northpark exclusives. She has swatched all the Sheer Brilliance Lip Glosses and Lip Crèmes (how awesome is she!?) and I’ve been drooling over these since this summer. As soon as the newest shade Nadine came out, I e-mailed her for the details as no pics or descriptions were to be found online. She told me it was pretty and understated and that she thought I’d love it. I was sold even though I had no idea what to expect. You can see her lovely swatches in her Le Métier de Beauté Fall Lips post. I ordered Atlantis Sunset (top peachy shade) and Nadine (coral pink sparkle) and here they are ($36 each from Neimans).

Atlantis Sunset is a Sheer Brilliance Lipgloss and is a sheer sparkly light iridescent peach with a pink & gold glowy sparkles. Le Métier de Beauté makes some of the most beautiful lipglosses I’ve ever seen in the tubes. The formula though is very sheer on some of the colors. Atlantis Sunset has the same sheerness as colors like Ibiza, Captiva and Cannes. Other shades like Bondi Beach, Summerland and Dubai have better color payoff for me. Initially I was disappointed with the color payoff of some shades (so pretty in the tube but go on clear on the lips) but soon learned these are best used to layer over lipsticks or even to use mixed with lip cremes. I loved the mixing tutorial by Messy Wands. Here is Atlantis Sunset on me over a bare lip. It’s practically clear but I still can’t resist a soft iridescent peach no matter how sheer it is.

Nadine is packaged and labeled as a Lip Crème but acts more like a Sheer Brilliance Gloss for me due to the sheerness. It’s a warm coral pink loaded with sparkles, but as Karla Sugar noted, very subdued. The lip swatch couldn’t capture the sparkle well, but here it is on me, also on a bare lip. I really adore it. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous in the tube.

How do they compare to other Le Métier shades? They’re quite different from the current lineup. Here are Atlantis Sunset & Nadine compared to Summerland, Ibiza and Bondi Beach in different lighting so you can see the sparkles. All gorgeous when swatched, none are overly frosty, these enhance the lip and work wonders when layered over Chanel Rouge Cocos.

Bottom line: I adore Nadine but I’m still undecided about Atlantis Sunset (although it’s a stunner in the tube). Have you tried Le Métier de Beauté Lip Glosses? What were your thoughts? Did you check out Nadine or any of the other Neiman Marcus Northpark Exclusives? (By the time I called, they were sold out of Emily’s Kisses and Sweet Abigail or else I would have ordered those too.)

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