Les Tissages de Chanel in Tweed Brun Rosé 70

October 11, 2011

Les Tissages de Chanel in Tweed Brun Rosé 70 ($45) is the newest release for the tweed effect blushes inspired by Chanel’s tweed fabric. These blushes come in a rectangular pan in the classic black Chanel compact woven with two different shades with an overlay of gold shimmers. When applied on the face Tweed Brun Rosé 70 is a warm peachy shade with a hint of brown. I found it very similar to other Chanel Tweed blushes. The undertone is different and appears to be a mix of Corail and Ambre. It’s a more intense version of Tweed Corail – tan ladies who found it a bit too light for their skintone will love the new Brun Rose for holiday.

For me, the color isn’t a must-have simply because of my overload on the peachy colors. It is a beautiful color and the Chanel Tweed blushes are known for giving that subtle but noticeable glow to the cheeks. The finish of Brun Rose is true to the Tweed formula – natural, elegant and refined and easy to apply (practically goof-proof). I think those who are concerned with warmer shades turning orangey need not worry with this color. It didn’t darken on my skin at all, but I definitely recommend trying in person if you have any hesitation.

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