Tom Ford Lipstick Swatches: Pinks & Nudes

September 2, 2011
The new shades: Spanish Pink, Pink Adobe, Indian Rose, Nude Vanille, Adobe Smoke

New and original: Sable Smoke, Nude Vanille, Vanilla Suede (to be discontinued), Indian Rose, Pink Adobe, Pink Dusk (original packaging), Spanish Pink

The new pinks are very similar. They are lovely with slight variations in their undertone and base. You definitely do not need them all. Had I seen them in person first I would have just picked out one of the new pink shades. See Best Things in Beauty’s take on the pinks she picked out.
  • Spanish Pink is a peachy pink, upon closer inspection, I noticed this one has a bit of shimmer
  • Pink Dusk is a neutral rose pink (the lightest of the rose-pinks)
  • Pink Adobe is a more brown version of Pink Dusk
  • Indian Rose is a slightly deeper mauvey version of Pink Dusk with slight shimmer

The nudes seem to be variations of the originals as well. I do not have Blush Nude, but I suspect it’s very similar to Nude Vanille. I really wish they had kept Vanilla Suede, it has a beautiful shimmer texture I think is unique for a highly pigmented nude.
  • Vanilla Suede is a gorgeous pale golden beige shimmer
  • Nude Vanille is a pale peach cream
  • Adobe Smoke is a caramel nude

Swatches with different angles and lighting, all richly pigmented and smooth. They apply softly but not too soft. The new shades appear to have the same formulas as the original shades. They have a natural sheen you can see in the sunlight. The shimmer is only visible with Vanilla Suede.

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