Mini Love

July 8, 2011
A few adorable minis that I can’t get enough of. The packaging of these samples are so cute and the product amount in each is sufficient to last a decent trial period. I’m obsessed with well-packaged useful minis (see more mini love here.) These are so squeal-worthy but oh-so-hard to come by. I’ve found these by luck. Nordstrom Trend Shows are great sources for NARS gifts and minis. Neimans and Saks have beautiful Jo Malone gift-with-purchases (although the minimum spend amounts are steep). The last time I was at South Coast Plaza Nordstrom they had mini Burberry lipsticks – the first mini/samples I’ve seen from the brand. Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Events are known for having beautiful and generous gift bags (although the minimums unfortunately are high as well). Sephora’s point system is nice because they give you options, although I also find the good samples rare.

Tips for finding minis – alas I have none and I have no strategy to share. It’s really a hit or miss, but developing a good relationship with a sales associate helps. They appreciate loyalty by keeping an eye out for good samples, although these days, good samples (as in usable or interesting) seem more and more difficult to come by. Beauty events are great times to try new things to take advantage of their gift-with-purchases. Unfortunately are not consistent. They do not always deliver value. So far this year, I’ve only been enticed by 2 beauty events. One was a Nordstrom Trend Show, the other was Bergdorf Goodman’s Beauty Event.

Where do you find good minis? Or are you facing the same problem as me?

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