Just a random photo for the day

July 17, 2011

Just a random photo for the day.

My latest discovery (a bit late): iPhone photo apps that give a vintage feel by applying different filters to your photos. The two I’ve been playing with non-stop are Hipstamatic and Instagram. What’s the difference? This website here explains the differences well. Hipstamatic requires you to pick your film/lighting/lense before taking the photo. Instagram allows you to pick filters after you’ve already taken photos. I’ve put a few photos up using these filters in recent posts just for fun. If you want to know the settings used, I’ll include them in future posts. The OCD part of me tried to get a shot that had all the lipsticks perfectly lined up and straight on all sides. After several attempts I gave up trying to get this perfect. It’s un-edited (except for sizing). The fun part is the learning though, right?

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!


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