Gloss d’Armani Lip Gloss

June 3, 2011

Giorgio Armani has released a new lipgloss formula called Gloss d’Armani Lip Gloss ($28) designed to mimic the color range and packaging of their Rouge d’Armani Lipsticks. These come with a flexible sponge-tipped applicator and shades have been released in color ranges of Beige, Pink, Red and Plum. I was personally drawn to the Beiges and Pinks.

The new Gloss d’Armani is described as “More than a mere gloss… Concentrated high-definition color, fusing shine, comfort and lasting hold. Giorgio Armani’s color expertise takes a three-dimensional form.” These are indeed multi-dimentional in the beautiful shimmer. Some of these are like the typical Lip Shimmers while others are a bit more sparkly like the Midnight Lip Shimmers. Concentration of color is more apparent with the darker and brighter shades. The paler neutrals I was drawn to are very sheer and more typical of the original Lip Shimmer formula. If you loved the original lip gloss formula you will like these. Otherwise you may be wanting for more pigment.

  • Pink 501 and 502 are very similar. Virtually identical baby pink shimmers. The difference is in the shimmer which you can see if you scroll down below to the swatches section. 501 is prettier in my opinion.
  • Pink 503 is a beautiful soft shimmery rose.
  • Beige 102 is an iridescent beige frost.
  • Beige 102 is an iridescent soft light peach.

The packaging is beautiful with an oval tip and base:

You can see the design is similar to the Rouge d’Armani, here it is also compared to the original lipshimmer:

New sponge tip applicator versus the original brush tip:

This is Pink 501 on me – as you can see it’s very sheer, you can barely tell there is any color on my lips:

Swatched heavily on the arm to show the color. On the lips the color is sheered out quite a bit so it only gives a hint of color. My artist said these are meant to be layered over the Armani lipsticks to enhance color and add depth. I find them to be very sheer.

Here you can see the shimmers better:

Overall – these are beautiful glosses that will suit the natural-makeup lover. Again, if you liked the original lip shimmers you will most likely find a color in the new formula that will suit your taste. These are very sheer. The texture is smooth and glossy (non-sticky) with no noticeable scent. Those who prefer high-impact rich color will be disappointed unless you venture into looking at the darker/deeper shades which are still sheer but give more color than the lighter shades. I personally like these but probably did not need to purchase both light pinks as they are virtually identical.

Giorgio Armani’s Gloss d’Armani is trickling in stores now. I found mine at Neimans. They have an event starting this weekend for Camp Gorgeous so you might want to check your stores to see what promotions they have going on. I decided to forgo the GWP for instant gratification.

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