Le Metier de Beaute Ibiza & Ibiza

May 5, 2011

With all the new lipsticks coming out in sheer or glossy formulas I was craving something different for a change. I’ve had a few lipsticks from Le Metier de Beaute for quite some time but never really got into using them because the texture is more of hybrid matte-stain/lipstick kind of formula. They can be a bit dry when applying on the lips, even if the color is rich and the texture smooth once you actually have them on. So I pulled out my favorite Le Metier gloss in Ibiza and it’s counterpart in the lipstick formula – hence Ibiza and Ibiza. Both are soft warm shimmery pinks. The Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss ($32) version is very sheer and gives a soft tint with a high shine. The Colour Core Lipstick ($32) is a high frost complex coral-pink with silver shimmer (think along the frost lines of MAC Lamé, Sequin or Plastique).

Overall: I like Le Metier de Beaute Ibiza and Ibiza. The gloss is one of my favorites from the line. The price is high and formulas are ok though – nothing I feel is a must-have. I still prefer Chanel, Dior and Edward Bess.

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