Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink, Brownie Pink & Heather Pink Lipsticks

March 5, 2011

Many have expressed interest in Bobbi Brown’s new Rich Lip Color in Heather Pink, a pretty neutral rosey-brown, wondering how it compares to a few of her existing classics like Brownie and Brownie Pink. (A few shades reviewed here.) I don’t have her Brownie Lipstick, although if I remember correctly, it’s a neutral brown with a slight tinge of pink. I have picked two other shades to compare for you: Brownie Pink and Blondie Pink.

What’s the difference? Well, they all have different descriptions on Bobbi Brown’s website. However, I can barely tell the difference between these three. If you have swatched tested these to compare, please share your thoughts! The difference is so slight it’s barely noticeable. I had to look at these in different lighting and I had to hold my swatched arm at different angles see the difference. My photos and swatches will most likely all look the same to many of you so I will supplement with descriptions of what I personally observe.

Color Descriptions
  • Blondie Pink Lip Color – medium natural pink, the lightest out of the three (if you like this one but want something paler, but still pink, check out her Blush Lipstick, it’s a gorgeous color!)
  • Brownie Pink Lip Color – medium brown pink, has the most brownish tone
  • Heather Pink Rich Lip Color SPF 12 – medium rose-pink-brown, most rosey
Lip Color vs. Rich Lip Color SPF 12
  • Lip Color formula has a semi-matte finish with fuller more opaque coverage
  • Rich Lip Color SPF 12 has a sharp rich color but with a lightweight smoother texture and less matte looking finish, has a noticeable SPF/sunscreen scent

Is one better than the other? I think there are benefits of both formulas. Bobbi Brown’s regular formula has a semi-matte texture which lasts longer than the average lipstick on me, especially when layered over a blended lip liner. The texture is sometimes too heavy for my preference. The new Rich Lip Color is super smooth and lightweight but delivers full sharp color.

I must admit when I first heard there was yet another lipstick formula coming out from Bobbi Brown (in addition to her Regular Lip Color, Creamy Lip Color, Metallic Lip Color, Rich Color Gloss, Treatment Lip Shine and Lip Crayon) I rolled my eyes thinking it was confusing to have so many formulas and options. However after trying a few I have been pleasantly surprised. She has a diverse range of colors in this new line although I would have liked to see a soft watermelon pink or a true mauve plum. Her new formula is excellent for a full coverage lipstick and feels really nice on the lips. I cannot gush enough about how happy I am that she priced these at $22. I find this a reasonable price for a good quality product – something I have to say I was very relieved about in a day & age when every designer brand thinks charging $30+ is ok for a “new” lipstick formula. They are definitely worth checking out!

Here they are lip swatched on me. Note that I do think they all look very much the same on me and on my arm. The differences are so slight I don’t know that I can really tell the difference unless I look really closely. Even after looking really closely, it’s a stretch to see how they differ. I think on fairer skin tones you will be able to notice the difference more. Blondie Pink is the lightest, Brownie Pink has the most brown, Heather Pink has the most rose.

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