Sneak Peek: Chanel Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

October 2, 2010

I have been insanely busy with work and with DH having been out of town I’ve been working later than usual. I will get to the comments and questions in the next few days, so please be patient – my time and energy levels have been at an all time low (although work is going extremely well). I spotted Chanel’s Holiday 2010 Collection this evening and went nuts. Thanks to KarlaSugar, we got a preview from the information sheets back in July (see her sneak peek here) so I credit her for satisfying my curiosity for the past few months. You all know I am not the biggest fan of the Euro/Asia-made formula for Chanel powder products – but those who feel the same as me, not to worry, the pigment and quality of the holiday eyeshadow quad is amazing. You will not be disappointed with the formula. The whole collection is stunning.

More details, reviews and swooning to come very soon. At this point my house is a mess and I feel like I’ve been hit by a tornado – I need a day to recoup. Thank goodness DH is coming home tomorrow night. Hope you all have an amazing Friday!

Tentation Cuivré Quadra Eyeshadow

Tweed Fuschia Blush and Pulsion Le Vernis

Top to bottom: Glossimers Pleasing 227, Charming 237, Pink Pulsion 247, Rouge Cocos Patchouli 107, Magnolia 117

I found these at my local Neimans. I am thrilled to have gotten my hands on these so early, however found their customer service extremely lacking. I will most likely not be shopping the Chanel counter at Neimans again in the near future unless they tone down their snooty attitude. I’ve experienced poor customer service from them in the past but thought I’d give them a second chance. Never again. Although I will say my regular SAs with other brands at that location are fabulous. Just not their Chanel counter. I called my Nordstrom Chanel counter to inquire when they will be receiving the collection, they said any day now.

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