Chanel Holiday 2010: Glossimers in Pleasing, Charming & Pink Pulsion

October 7, 2010
It looks like this week will be all about Chanel’s Holiday collection. I apologize for being slow with the roll out of reviews. I need to figure out a way to manage my off-work time better. These days time just seems to fly at all hours of the day. Chanel, however, makes each part of the day better whether it’s having a pretty manicure, a gorgeous gloss to touch up with, or just having a sneak peek into your purse during break time and catching glimpse of that sleek black Chanel compact.

The new glossimers released this holiday include Pleasing 227 (complex cinnamon brown pink sparkle), Charming 237 (sparkling light pink) and Pink Pulsion 247 (sheer but sparkling hot pink). All are gorgeous and I think you’ll love these if you don’t mind shimmer. These are slightly-thick but not super sticky in typical Chanel style. I personally love glossimers and while these are very pretty I have noticed a few things that while slight, still have me thinking hmmmmm …

If you have ever looked at the bottom label of your glossimers you might notice some come with a black sticker label with a number while others come with a clear sticker with a word name. I was told by one of my Chanel specialists a few years ago that the black labels indicate “limited edition” or “European produced” while the clear labels with names were made in the US. I have not confirmed this with anyone else but I have noticed that the recent glossimer releases with the black labels have been slightly more glittery/sparkley than what I see in my older shimmer glossimers. It’s not that I don’t love the finish – I just remember loving glossimers like Pagoda, Spark and Twinkle for their lovely sophisticated shimmer. These days the color seem significantly more sparkley with tiny micro glitters. I find that they still apply beautifully, especially when layered over lipsticks. So what I’m trying to say is that while I find these newer glossimers different, different doesn’t mean bad. Different is just, well, different. They are still gorgeous, wearable, non-gritty and luxurious.

Anyhow – I found Pleasing very unique and pigmented. It’s simply stunning even though it’s more on the frosty side. Charming is gorgeous, but I prefer some of my other pink shades. Charming is very sheer and goes on practically clear on me. Pink Pulsion is hot though. Everyone knows I’m a huge neutral-makeup lover, but Pink Pulsion is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t find dupes for any of the colors but pulled some from my extensive Chanel stash to do some comparisons for you. Are they a must have? If you’re asking me this question I will say you’re asking the wrong person. If asked “is this Chanel product worth having?” 8.5 times out of 10 I will say yes. So if you’re looking for someone to talk you out of buying something from Chanel – don’t look at me.

Comparisons, swatches in different lighting plus close ups:

Note that the swatches are not in the same order as the photo above:

Close ups of the comparisons:

Chanel’s Holiday collection has also been swatched by the lovely Karla Sugar. Be sure to check out her post here if you haven’t already.

Also check out NaturalNChicMakeup for lovely swatches and you’ll see how different this collection looks on all three of us.

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