Le Metier de Beaute Summerland

September 5, 2010
One thing I love about San Francisco is that they have the most beautiful stores. I stopped by the Neiman Marcus in Union Square and it was breathtaking. I was thrilled to find that they carry Le Metier. I’ve had my eye on Le Metier de Beaute’s Summerland Sheer Brilliance Lipgloss $32 for quite some time and finally indulged my cravings. Luckily they had 1 left in stock. It was meant to be.

* click photos for larger viewing of the sparkles *

is the Sheer Brilliance formula, but I find this to be one of the more pigmented ones. It’s packed with loads of shimmer and swatches on the hand very frosty. I would describe it as a complex bronzey peach that has slight pinkish tones with a silver sheen and tiny micro sparkles. It’s probably the most complex gloss I own making it hard to describe.

  • In the tube, it flashes bronze, peach and has slight pink reflecting shimmers.
  • On the back of my hand, it swatches with a silvery sheen and diamond-like micro sparkles. It’s so complex swatched on the hand it’s almost blinding.
  • On the lips, the shimmer is more subdued but still significantly more glitzy than most other Le Metier glosses (which I find are similar to Chanel’s Aqualumiere Glosses in the finish, only the Le Metier glosses surpass Chanel in their complex shimmers and unique colors). It looks silvery, bronzey-pink and bronzey-peach with silver depending on the angle. I find it very complicated.
  • Swatched next to other bronzey peach glosses, Summerland almost looks pink. (Scroll to the bottom.)

There’s a soft scent – it reminds me of cotton candy and vanilla, but it’s not overpoweringly sweet which I like. The texture is glossy but less slippery than the other glosses from the line. It seems to be in between the Sheer Brilliance Lipgloss and Lip Creme formula.

Swatched blended out & swatched heavily:

I couldn’t find a similar shade, but pulled a few other glosses I thought would help for comparison purposes.

Left to right: Bobbi Brown Spun Gold, Dior #522, Le Metier Captiva, Le Metier Summerland, Le Metier Papaye Creme, Laura Mercier Ambre Rose

Odd how, when swatched next to other shades, Summerland almost looks pinkish. While I would say it’s clearly not a straight pink. But then Papaye Creme is deceiving as well. Looks like a deep melon red in the tube, on the lips it applies like a light warm melon-gold shimmer.

Le Metier de Beaute is available at Bergorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus stores. Check their websites for listings of other retailers. They recently launched on Nordstrom.com as well. The price points are indeed expensive, but I find them to be a true luxury brand. I’ve been pleased with the quality and exquisite colors of 90% of the items I’ve purchased.

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