Chanel Soho Story Collection: Stunt, Stunning & Star

September 17, 2010
Here is the Soho Story Collection continued with the lip items. Luckily there are a number of other resources you can look to for reviews, descriptions and swatches. Check out Beauty Moogle Zone and Karla Sugar for a few other resources.

Left to right: Stunt Rouge Allure Laque, Stunning Rouge Coco and Star Glossimer

  • Stunt Rouge Allure Laque – full coverage, creamy, no shimmer, plum-mauve leaning more towards the purple side, almost borderline too purple but ok when blotted
  • Stunning Rouge Coco Lipstick – beautiful natural light rose pink
  • Star Glossimer – a smooth sparkley sheer silvery pink (not as opaque or whitish as Brilliance)

Swatched on bare skin:

Stunt Rouge Allure Laque – slightly more purple than the photos show

I didn’t have time to swatch the other items before the sun went down, so here are some comparisons to other Chanel colors. Stunning is beautiful but I think if you have any of the other shades below, you can get a similar effect. I didn’t photograph it next to Perle Rouge Coco but the effect is similar in my opinion.

Stunning Rouge Coco compared to Aqualumieres:

Star Glossimer compared to other sheer light pinks:

Those who have e-mailed me I will respond shortly!

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