Burberry Beauty Eye Definer Pencils: Midnight Brown & Midnight Ash

September 7, 2010
The reviews on Burberry Beauty Eye Definer – Eye Shaping Pencils $27 have been mixed, yet swatching them at the counter got the best of me, especially with the multi-dimensional shimmer and sparkles Midnight Brown 02 & Midnight Ash 03. Not all of the eyeliners are shimmery, but the two I picked up are. The colors are simply beautiful for a pretty defined eye.

Midnight Brown 02 is a shimmery deep cool brown with different colored sparkles. I could not find a dupe for this color. My interest was peaked when I saw it swatched by Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog. I think her review was spot on.
Midnight Ash 03 caught my attention when it was reviewed by Lisa Eldridge. It looked lovely on her and her video is divine (in case you want to fast forward, the eyeliner application starts at 5:53).

Swatched on my hand:

The good: In terms of the pigment and wearability of these eyeliners, the quality is excellent. They are perfect for that flawless definition. Although the colors are different, the result is a fairly similar effect. If you’re interested in either, I don’t think you need both.

The bad: We all have different expectations and preferences for how we like our makeup. Sometimes I don’t care so much about lasting power, but for eyeliners I do. I find that these eyeliners did not last well on me and faded pretty fast. Granted these are not created as waterproof, so I would say they last about the same as your average eyeliner. After I swatched these on my arm, I used my Neutrogena Makeup Remover in a swiping motion to see which one came off first. Normally the longer lasting ones need a few good scrubs before they come off my arm or hand. The lasting power of the Burberry is the same as the NARS pencils and those 2 were among the first to come off.

Comparison Swatches with Urban Decay 24/7 Zero swatched first as a true black baseline:

* Note Midnt is short for midnight so I could fit all the letters in the photo, and I apologize for the type on Clinique Egyptian

Conclusion: Still lovely and worth checking out. There are a number of eyeliners I love for the color and still use even though they don’t last so long. I find applying powder eyeshadow over sometimes helps the color last. I think I’ll still get use out of these by using them as a smudged base for darker shadows along the upper lash line.

Any of those who love these pencils, do you have tips on how to make these last?

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