Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric

April 3, 2010
I checked out some new blushes on Friday. I was all set to get a few of the new MUFE HD Microfinish Blushes but Sephora was packed. I was testing out #14 Star Struck (a soft light peach) applying the tester on my face by one of the mirrors and this woman came up next to me and said “you’re in my way.” I swear if I didn’t move she probably would have pushed me. Why do some people lack manners? Couldn’t she find another empty mirror? Ugh! Reminder to self: avoid Sephora unless the store looks empty. The store was busier than usual and the line was pretty long so I didn’t even try to make a purchase.

So off I went to Saks to see if they had the new Blushing Fabrics and they did along with the new Face Fabric Radiance.

The Blushing Fabrics retail for $38 USD each for 20 ml/0.6 oz and come in three different shades labeled 1, 2 and 3 in a squeezable tube. They have a similar texture as the Face Fabric foundations which is nice for the brighter colors so it gives a soft tinted flush. The lightest shade #3 goes on pretty sheer. I will need to play around with it more to. I don’t use the Face Fabric foundation for 2 reasons:

1) I am in between shades 2 and 3 (those who have tested these know that there’s a large shade gap)
2) I didn’t really like the way it felt all over my face

Yet I was still willing to give the Blushing Fabrics a chance since I’ll only be applying these on my cheeks.

Note, these blend out a lot more sheer than the swatch looks just squeezed onto the skin. I couldn’t get it to photograph well though. Those who are dying to see better swatches, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that our beloved Karlasugar (swatch queen) will be swatching these in the near future!

Overall thoughts: #1 and #2 are practically identical when blended out. #1 is just more pink and #2 is slightly more coral. I tested out #3 a soft peach shade and I’m not sure if the one I got is different from the store, but it just completely disappears into my skin. The store tester had a dryer texture and showed up better. Maybe I just need to shake mine up. If you want a soft peach, I think the MUFE #14 has better pigment and will show up better. Although, I found the MUFE textures to be very dense and a bit thick. The Sephora artists recommended you use a skunk-type brush to blend, but it just seems like using a brush would waste a lot of product.

So there are your pros and cons: get the Armani #3 it might now show up, get the MUFE #14, it’s a thicker harder-to-work-with texture.

YMMV on these. I personally like the Armani Fluid Sheers a lot more. But curiosity got the best of me. Add that with an enthusiastic sales rep and I was easily sold even though I was a bit skeptical of how great these would be. Note to self: think more before you purchase. So rants about Sephora aside, I do love the fact that they don’t have typical sales associate there pressuring you to buy things.

Oh, I mentioned the Face Fabric Radiance – same size/concept as the Face Fabric but with a slight pearl finish. Shade 1 is probably the equivalent of a MAC NC10-15, Shade 2 is the equivalent of a MAC NC40+, Shade 3 is even darker. My opinion: why do they skip the shades that fit me? I didn’t look twice after swatching them.

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